Where to Buy Fennel Seeds in the Grocery Store (Check These Aisles…)

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Trying to figure out where the fennel seeds are in the grocery store? We're tell you which aisles you'll find them in...

Whole fennel seeds in a wooden spoon and bowl on a white linen cloth.

We'll also tell you which stores carry them...

If there's a bulk spice section in your grocery store, check there, too. You might find fennel seeds in large plastic containers you can scoop from.

The last places to check are the snack aisle and the international aisle. Sometimes you'll see fennel seeds in packages near items like sunflower seeds or on shelves with Indian or Middle Eastern products.

Not finding fennel seeds anywhere? Our store guide below can point you in the right direction...

What Stores Sell Fennel Seeds?

  • Amazon - Amazon is one of the best places to find items you haven't seen in your area. Shop around for different prices on fennel seeds (look for bulk options to get them a little cheaper).
  • Walmart - At Walmart you can buy fennel seeds from brands like Walmart's Great Value, McCormick, Badia and Laxmi Brand in the spice and trail mix aisles.
  • Whole Foods - Whole Foods sells 365 brand fennel seeds as well as bulk fennel seeds in the spice section of the store.
  • Your Local Health Food Store - You may also be able to find bulk fennel seeds at an independent natural food store. Otherwise, check for bottled fennel seeds with the other spices.
  • Safeway - Shopping at Safeway? Look for O Organics, McCormick and Spicely fennel seeds in the spice aisle.
  • Target - Swing by Target and go to the spice section for Market Pantry Fennel Seed.
  • Kroger - If you're at Kroger, look for Private Selection, McCormick, Tampico and other brands in the spice area.
  • Publix - You'll see Badia, Spice Islands and McCormick at Publix.
  • Ethnic Markets - Indian and Middle Eastern markets are good places to check for fennel seeds.

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