13 Spices that Go with Grapes

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There are numerous different kinds of grapes in the world. The taste of them can vary depending on which kind you’re eating, whether it’s a standard table grape, a wine grape, or even these indulgent cotton candy-flavored grapes.

In general, though, you can expect grapes to have a tart taste with a juicy and slightly crunchy texture. What can you pair with that kind of flavor?

Keep reading to see our list of spices that go with grapes. Use any of them to make eating your grapes into a new experience.

1. Basil

You probably expected us to list only sweet and warming spices on this list, so basil might be a surprise. However, basil has traces of anise in, and the licorice-like flavor goes perfectly with tart grapes.

You can dive deeper into potential uses for basil in our article about what basil tastes like.

2. Cardamom

Cardamom is one of the spices that works really well with fruits in general. It has light citrusy and flowery hints that will round out your grapes if they’re particularly sour.

3. Cinnamon

Although it is often used in desserts, cinnamon isn’t exactly sweet. Instead, it has a spicy, woody taste that warms your mouth as you chew without dampening the sweetness in your food. It will give your grapes a lovely heat that makes them intriguing.

You can test it by making this cinnamon roasted grapes recipe.

4. Cloves

Cloves are another obvious choice for combining with your grapes. This spice is used quite often in pies, due to its pungency and heat. Its bitterness will also be rounded out by the slight sweetness in your grapes.

5. Garlic Powder

We know what you’re thinking: garlic powder and grapes? How could that work?

Honestly, it works very well. The zing of garlic powder lends your grapes a sharper flavor that makes helps them fit right in for dinner. Try it out in this rosemary roasted grape crostini recipe.

6. Ginger

Like garlic, ginger has a warming sensation. Beyond the heat, though, it has an upbeat lemony note that’s ideal for brightening the sourness in your grapes.

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7. Lemon Zest

You can grate the rind of a lemon to get these little yellow flakes of pure citrus deliciousness. Add the lemon zest to your grapes to lighten them up and give them some pep.

8. Mint

If you’ve ever eaten mint before, you’ve experienced firsthand the chilling sensation it leaves in your mouth with a lingering sweetness. Adding some mint to your grapes will make them a cleansing treat.

9. Nutmeg

Nutmeg works well with grapes in the same way that cloves do. It has a warming and earthy flavor that will give some depth underneath the lightly sweet taste of your grapes.

10. Parsley

Parlsey’s herbaceous flavor and peppery twist will give your grapes some sharpness. Expect them to taste sweet with a slight spicy kick.

11. Rosemary

The best word to describe rosemary with is savory. It possesses a powerful and bitter taste that will accentuate the tart notes in grapes.

12. Star Anise

Star anise is very similar to anise, but much more potent. You’ll experience a powerfully licorice-like note in your grapes if you decide to combine them with star anise.

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13. Vanilla

You could use vanilla with almost any fruit, including grapes. Its sweet and sugary taste will heighten the fruit’s sweetness.

Spices that Go with Grapes