20+ Spices that Go with Fries

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French fries are a tasty and addictive snack by themselves. If you can be sure the French fries are vegan, you can usually chow down on them without anything other than a dipping sauce.

But sometimes, you want more out of your fries than just crispiness and salt. That’s where additional spices come in, and we’ll be showing you over twenty spices that go with fries in this post.

1. Basil

By themselves, French fries have an appealing crunchy texture with a starchy flavor. You may want to use something bold with them, like basil. A little dried basil will give your fries a faint peppery kick.

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2. Caraway

Use a little caraway if you want to give your fries an exotic twist. The powerful spiciness of the caraway seeds will help enhance the savory aspect of your fries.

3. Cayenne

If you’ve purchased fries with spicy seasoning from a restaurant before, chances are, there was cayenne pepper in that seasoning. You can mimic that same lovely smokiness from home by seasoning your fries with cayenne pepper yourself.

4. Chives

Baked potatoes and chives are a time-honored pair, and we think chives could just as easily work with another potato format: the French fry. Their hot burst of oniony flavor is perfect for breathing life into your fries.

5. Cilantro

Fresh green cilantro is something you might not expect to see on fries, but the combination works. Consider using cilantro with sea salt on your fries to create something with citrusy highlights and a pleasing salty bite.

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6. Coriander

If you’re aiming for a unique taste, coriander is another strong contender. Its citrusy flavor with a powerful warmth will give your fries an intriguing international taste.

7. Cumin

Using cumin will give your fries a powerful bitterness and earthiness. Best of all, however, your fries will have this amazing spicy aroma that will make them smell just as good as they taste.

8. Dill

Adding some dill to your fries will give them a strong, sharp flavor that you might immediately associate with dill pickle chips. The brightness of dill will help balance the slight sweetness present in the fries.

9. Garlic Powder

The ultimate savory seasoning must surely be garlic powder. It transfers some of the bright heat of garlic to your fries, with hints of sweetness that will make them an even more addicting snack.

10. Lavender

You probably wouldn’t pick lavender if you had to think of spices to combine with fries on your own. However, we feel the citrusy and floral notes of lavender will give your fries a high-end restaurant taste and feel.

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11. Mint

Mint is another spice pairing that might leave you feeling confused. However, we think the cooling mint will transform each bite of your fries into something refreshing.

12. Onion Powder

With onion powder, we’re back to seasonings that are obviously wonderful for French fries. Using onion powder will transfer the spicy-sweet burn of onions to your fries, as well as lend them a delectable aroma.

13. Oregano

Sprinkling a little dried oregano on your fries is another option. This will create a rounded woody and sweet flavor that brings the natural and faint sweetness of potatoes to the forefront.

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14. Paprika

The taste of paprika can vary, but it’s generally smoky with hints of fruit or other sweetness. It will definitely make your French fries more complex and turn them into the perfect summery snack.

15. Parsley

Sprinkling some parsley on your fries is a great idea if you want to give them a fresh and peppery taste. Since you’d probably put salt and pepper on them, anyway, there’s no reason not to give parsley a try!

16. Pepper

For those times when your spice rack is looking a bit bare, pepper is a classic you can always turn to. It pairs well with just about anything savory.

17. Rosemary

Rosemary has warm and woody flavors. This will steer your fries firmly into the savory territory, balancing out any sweeter notes.

18. Sage

You can use sage with potatoes, so we think it would work well with their famously crispy fried version. Take some dried sage to give your fries a powerful piney and bright citrusy taste.

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19. Salt

We couldn’t make this list without putting salt on it. The most beloved combination with fries is a sprinkle of salt, usually put on right after frying them. Salt gives them a slight crunchiness that enhances their crispy texture while also brightening their flavor.

20. Tarragon

The complexity of tarragon makes it a difficult spice to use. However, we think its spicy-sweet flavor could be ideal for freshening up your fries.

21. Thyme

In terms of flavor, thyme is a bit like mint, but with an added edge of spiciness. You’ll also get a slight cooling effect to it that make your fries a pleasure to bite into.

Spices that Go with Fries