14 Spices that Go with Broccoli

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Children around the world regard broccoli as being one of the most hated veggies. By sprinkling on some of the most flavorful spices, however, you can turn this occasionally unpopular vegetable into something everyone will love.

Unsure where to begin? We’ll help you out with this list of spices that go with broccoli.

1. Basil

Surprisingly, broccoli’s earthy flavor goes with a ton of spices. Basil, however, is one of the best pairings. Its peppery and anise-like flavor sheds some brightness on broccoli’s more earthy profile.

You can dive deeper into how to prep broccoli right in our guide to the benefits of broccoli.

2. Black Pepper

Black pepper’s zippy bite is ideal for when you feel as if something is a bit too mild. Some would definitely say the grass-like taste of broccoli is mild, and pepper can help by emboldening it.

3. Chives

While many might dislike the taste of broccoli, the hot burn of onion is a bit more popular. Using chives, you can give that intriguing burn to your broccoli.

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4. Dill

Dill has a taste that can also be described as grassy with hints of spicy and even mint. That grassiness, however, is what’s perfect for broccoli. If you like that earthiness, dill will accentuate it.

5. Garlic

Like pepper and chives, garlic has a bit of a burn to it, although it’s more pronounced than with the former mentioned spices. The burn is why it works so well for giving dimension to broccoli’s low earthiness.

6. Ginger

Ginger’s flavor is entirely unique. It also has some heat, only with the added complexity of brightness with its citrusy notes. Ginger and broccoli are popular ingredients in Asian stir fries because of the way they complement each other.

7. Lemon Zest

Lemon zest isn’t technically a spice, but we’re counting it as one because of how it’s treated in the culinary world. By lightly grating the rind of a lemon, you get what is essentially a yellow spice that imparts the light and yet powerful, bitter taste of the fruit onto your broccoli.

8. Marjoram

Out of all the spices on this list, marjoram is probably one of the most complex ones. It tastes a little floral, but has tiny flashes of sweet and citrusy in it, as well.

It will do an excellent job of lightening the earthy tones of your broccoli.

9. Oregano

Do you love Italian food? Then you probably know and love the taste of oregano, too, which has a grassy, minty, and even slightly bitter flavor. Its complex, three-dimensional taste will make your broccoli feel like a brand-new vegetable.

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10. Red Pepper Flakes

If there was one word you could use to describe the taste of red pepper flakes, it could be “hot.” They’re perfect for sprinkling onto foods that would otherwise be boring because of their fiery feel. Use these spicy flakes to give your broccoli a burn that will appeal to anyone who loves heat in their food.

11. Rosemary

Another excellent example of a sophisticated spice is rosemary. It has a profile that could potentially be described as woody, citrusy, and even piney, which is why its wonderful in dinner foods. If you want to make your broccoli seem like something out of a five-star restaurant, try using some rosemary with it.

12. Sage

Along with rosemary, sage is one of those hearty spices that gets brought out for heavy holiday dinners. Its piney flavor is ideal for bringing some bright, fresh tastes to your broccoli florets.

13. Tarragon

It’s hard to capture the spirit of tarragon in words. It brings together both sweet and peppery into one package, which is what makes it a great candidate for using with broccoli.

14. Thyme

What if you like the earthiness of broccoli and don’t want to cover it up? Then thyme, with its own earthy and minty flavor, would be an excellent choice for you. Thyme will help you accentuate the low earthiness in your broccoli.

Spices that Go with Broccoli