10+ Spices that Go with Coconut

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10+ Spices that Go with Coconut

When people think about tropical locations and relaxing vacations, they often imagine the taste of coconut. Its mild sweetness, mingled with nuttiness, makes it an excellent ingredient for drinks and desserts.

But if you’re really looking to improve your coconut, you should try experimenting with spices. In this list, we’ve gathered over ten spices that go with coconut for you to try.

1. Allspice


Allspice is made from the fruit of a tree found in Central America. It produces a taste that’s reminiscent of nutmeg and cinnamon. This flavor will provide a subtle spicy shadow to the sweetness in your coconut without erasing it.

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2. Cayenne


In many of our spice pairing guides, we talk about how spicy and sweet works surprisingly well. It’s a great combo to use when you want to make sweetness more palatable to those who normally don’t like sweet things. This is why we suggest using cayenne, whose natural heat is perfect for playing off the sweet in coconut.

3. Cilantro


We know what you’re thinking – cilantro and coconut sounds weird, right? However, we think the citrusy notes in cilantro would beautifully brighten the mildness of coconut.

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4. Cinnamon


Cinnamon is another spice that works particularly well in sweet dishes. It lends sophistication to sweetness without wholly erasing it, which is why recommend it for pairing with coconut.

5. Coriander


Both coriander and coconut milk are popular ingredients in curry. Consider using the savory and lemony coriander to make your coconut taste zestier.

6. Cumin


If you don’t have a sweet tooth, you can use cumin to overshadow the sweetness of coconut. Its bitter, earthy taste and aroma will round it out while also accentuating coconut’s nutty notes.

7. Garlic


Garlic is something you can pair with just about any savory food. Coconut isn’t necessarily super savory, but it can certainly be used in savory dishes like curry. Use garlic to temper its sweetness and lend it heat.

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8. Ginger


Ginger is like garlic regarding its heat level. It’s also a bit spicy, but unlike garlic, it has notes of citrus in it which is why we’re recommending it for coconut. Ginger will brighten up the sweet taste.

9. Mint


Chances are, you’ve experienced the revitalizing taste of mint before. It leaves your mouth feeling icy and clean. Coconut’s flavor is mild, so mint will cover it slightly and make eating it feel invigorating.

10. Pepper


As with cilantro, pepper and coconut is probably another combination that leaves you confused. However, the hot and sharp taste of pepper is an excellent choice for those who want to contrast the nuttiness in coconut.

11. Turmeric


Turmeric has an intense bitter flavor. Use it when you want to pierce coconut’s sweetness to turn it into a savory ingredient.

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12. Vanilla


The powerful, sugary flavor of vanilla is one most people know well. Because it will underscore the sweetness in your coconut, you can expect the result to be especially decadent.

Spices that Go with Coconut

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