10+ Spices that Go with Curry

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Curry is a versatile dish. Most people imagine it as rice smothered in a spicy sauce, but there’s also a powder of the same name that’s frequently used in Indian cooking.

Wondering what to put in your own homemade vegan curry? We’ll help you decide by listing several delicious spices that go with curry.

1. Allspice

Contrary to popular belief, allspice isn’t a bunch of spices mixed together. It does, however, bring together sweet and hot flavors you might taste in cloves or cinnamon. In your curry, allspice will leave a ghost of sweetness that gives your recipe another dimension.

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2. Caraway

If you like spiciness, consider using caraway with your curry. Its flavor is warm, with spicy and even citrusy notes for some added brightness.

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3. Cardamom

Cardamom is a popular curry spice. In terms of flavor, you could compare it to black pepper, except it also has mellow nutmeg notes. It’s ideal for those who want to give their curry a citrusy taste with a slight hot kick to it.

4. Clove

It most likely seems strange to the average person to use clove in curry. After all, many think of it as something that you put in a pie. However, its hot and sharply bitter taste is wonderful for giving your curry pungency.

5. Coriander

Coriander is another common curry spice. This is the one to go with if you like cardamom, but wish it tasted savorier. Bright citrus notes also mean it’s wonderful for giving your curry some zest.

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6. Cumin

Cumin has an earthier flavor profile with bitter notes. It also has a strong aroma that you’re bound to notice if you use it with your curry. This one will surely make your kitchen smell lovely.

7. Fennel

If you were to smell fresh fennel, you’d probably notice that it smells a bit like licorice. Using it in curry will result in faint anise-like traces of sweetness that make the flavor more complex.

8. Fenugreek

You could say the taste of fenugreek is both nutty and a bit like maple. Because it works so well with other popular curry spices, we think it would complement most of the spices on this list nicely.

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9. Ginger

Ginger brings together two intriguing tastes: spicy and citrusy. Use some ginger if you want your curry to taste brighter and zestier.

10. Mustard Seed

Mustard seed comes in a few different colors, each with its own taste. Go for yellow ones if you want your curry to have a note of sweetness to it. Brown and black ones are perfect for spicier curries.

11. Turmeric

As one of the most common spices used in Indian cooking, it should come as no surprise that turmeric works perfectly with curries. Use it to give your curry an eye-catching gold color and a mustardy flavor.

Spices that Go with Curry