17 Spices that Go with Black-Eyed Peas

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By themselves, black-eyed peas have a taste that can be best described as “bean-like.” They’re earthy with just the barest hint of nuttiness that leads to them being a fantastic savory dish.

What can you do with them to take them above and beyond? The answer is to use spices, which transform them into an almost brand-new side dish or even entrée.

If you’re not sure which ones to use, we’ve gathered this list of spices that go with black-eyed peas.

1. Cayenne

The taste of cayenne is mostly peppery, as if you plucked a spicy pepper fresh from your garden. Use it to instill your black-eyed peas with a natural and lively spice that will brighten up their earthy flavor.

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2. Cinnamon

If it seems weird to combine cinnamon and black-eyed peas, keep in mind that many savory recipes use cinnamon to add aroma and warmth. You can use cinnamon with your black-eyed peas to achieve the same effect.

3. Coriander

The taste of coriander is herbal while also being deeply savory. You can use it to add some highlights to the lower and nuttier tastes in your peas.

4. Cumin

You’ll notice earthy traces in cumin, as well. This is why we think you should try it out with your black-eyed peas, since it will serve to bring out the earthiness even more.

5. Fennel

Fennel’s flavor profile is multi-faceted. It has a sweet and biting taste that’s perfect for turning your black-eyed peas into a complex food worthy of main dish status.

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6. Garlic Powder

The earthy, nutty flavor of black-eyed peas might be boring for some. But by adding intense garlic powder, you can kick the taste up a few notches and give it both a touch of heat and a mouth-watering aroma.

7. Ginger

What makes ginger so amazing is the way it combines spice and lemony tastes naturally. If you use it along with your black-eyed peas, expect something completely unique with a well-rounded taste.

8. Onion Powder

Some people eschew onion powder, mistakenly believing that it’s inferior to using fresh onions. However, we strongly recommend giving it a try because it can add that pungent burn of onion without requiring you to deal with those eye-watering vapors.

9. Oregano

If you’re looking for something larger-than-life, oregano is a solid pick. It’s a powerful spice that doesn’t get lost in the sauce, thanks to its pepperiness and lemony zest. It will give your black-eyed peas a pleasant and intriguing bite.

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10. Parsley

Use parsley to turn your black-eyed peas into something a bit more refreshing. The citrusy and peppery highlights of the herb are perfect for breathing new life into tired old recipes.

11. Pepper

Do you like spiciness, but don’t want something that’s hot enough to make your nose run? Then we’d suggest adding a bit of pepper to the mix, because it will give your black-eyed peas a biting kick without being overwhelming.

12. Red Pepper Flakes

Now, if you’d like to step up the heat to something above and beyond pepper, consider taking your bottle of red pepper flakes out. They’ll turn your black-eyed peas into a hot and spicy dish that will make your tongue burn.

13. Rosemary

Get out your rosemary if you’re looking for something that calls to mind comforting, homemade dinners. Its pepperiness and woodiness will accentuate the earthy flavors in your black-eyed peas.

14. Sage

Have you been searching high and low for a way to make your black-eyed peas into a holiday-centric food? Mix them with a little bit of sage to brighten them up with a slightly piney flavor that will remind you of the most wonderful time of the year.

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15. Salt

If you find that inspiration is a bit thin on the ground for you, salt is always there when you’re out of ideas. It’s best at promoting flavors naturally present in whatever you combine it with.

16. Thyme

Thanks to the fact it’s related to mint, thyme has a similar cleansing quality without being overpowering. Its minty and herbal notes will lighten up the earthiness of your black-eyed peas.

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17. Turmeric

If you can use ginger with your peas, then you can just easily use turmeric, due to its gingery and lemony flavors. Plus, its bright color will transform the look of your black-eyed peas and make them perhaps more visually appealing.

You know what they say – you eat with your eyes first. Your food might as well look and taste beautiful.

Spices that Go with Black Eyed Peas