10+ Spices that Go with Dijon Mustard

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If you’re looking for a bold flavor, Dijon mustard is an excellent choice. It has a forceful and pungent taste very similar to horseradish or wasabi.

Because it has such a distinct profile, you need to be careful when pairing it with other flavors. In this post, we’ll be helping you by suggesting spices that go with Dijon mustard. That way, you won’t end up with something virtually inedible.

1. Black Pepper

You can use a little black pepper in just about any recipe. Its sharp and slightly woody taste will enhance the sharpness of your mustard, leading to an even spicier experience.

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2. Capers

Believe it or not, capers are actually flower buds. They can be used as a seasoning, though, and posses a bright, citrusy flavor combined with saltiness. That citrusy note is what we’re looking for here, because it will lighten up the spiciness of your Dijon mustard.

3. Chives

A little dried chive could be a splendid match for your Dijon mustard. It has subtle hints of onion’s heat that will accentuate mustard’s heat.

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4. Garlic Powder

Similar to black pepper, garlic is an ingredient you can use in just about any savory dish under the sun. Garlic powder has a potent spicy and salty taste, so be sure you use it in moderation to round out the taste of your mustard!

5. Horseradish

If you like your food hot and spicy, then you’ll just love horseradish. Heat is one thing it does best. Combined with your Dijon mustard, horseradish will be even hotter, and you’ll feel it in your sinuses as you chew.

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6. Lemon Zest

You get lemon zest by lightly grating the rind of a lemon. Lemon zest has all the intense, citrusy flavor of your lemon, and it’s a great way to infuse that flavor in your food. Using it with Dijon mustard will add some lightness to the overall taste.

7. Onion Powder

Do you like the spicy-sweet burn of fresh onion? Then onion powder, which is like concentrated onion, is perfect for you. Its slight sweetness is ideal for softening the burn of horseradish.

8. Paprika

We recommend paprika for any dish you’re trying to instill with smokiness. It has a sweet and spicy flavor that’s wonderful for grilled food. Its sweetness will balance out the spiciness of mustard.

9. Rosemary

Some rosemary could be exactly what you need if you’re looking for a comforting recipe. It has elements of citrus, pine, and mint in its flavor, which is why it’s wonderful at bringing some brightness to mustard.

10. Salt

If all else fails, you can usually fall back on good old table salt. It’s sort of like a chameleon, adept at reflecting and enhancing flavors that are already there. Use salt to bring out the saltiness and acidity of Dijon mustard.

11. Sea Salt

For some people, eating food is more about texture than taste. If you’re one of those people, then sea salt is for you. It has a satisfying, gritty crunch to it that will lend your mustard-infused food a pleasing texture.

12. Thyme

In general, thyme has an earthiness and subtle minty note. This can vary based on the type of thyme you get, however, as it is available in different flavors. No matter which you choose, you can expect its gentle mint traces to help cool down mustard’s spiciness.

Spices that Go with Dijon Mustard