15+ Spices that Go with Avocados

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Avocados are creamy and delicious. Their mild taste is also the perfect canvas for spices, which can turn this otherwise simple fruit into a food bursting with flavor.

Want to know how? We’ll be happy to show you with this list of spices that go with avocados.

1. Basil

Remember, avocado has a very mild flavor. Because of this, basil’s powerful flavor pairs well with avocado. Its unique taste, which is both peppery and slightly sweet, will give some much-needed complexity to the avocado.

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2. Cayenne

Want to give your avocado a little kick of heat? Nothing will achieve that better than a bit of cayenne pepper. We suggest sprinkling it into your next batch of guacamole to turn up the heat a bit.

3. Chili Powder

Chili powder will help you get some heat in your avocado, just like cayenne will. For that reason, we’d also recommend using it to make your avocado into a dip, such as guacamole.

4. Chives

Chives are the king of dips and garnish. Their slightly onion-like taste is perfect for giving your avocado a nice little burst of flavor.

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5. Cilantro

Cilantro is a taste you’ll notice right away. It combines citrus and parsley notes to add some zest to your avocado. You could easily make a nutritious and delicious avocado and cilantro dressing here.

Want to give it a try? You can click here for a vegan avocado dressing you can test out for yourself.

6. Coriander

With a strangely herbal and savory taste, coriander is one complex spice. Frankly, that’s what makes it so wonderful for mixing with avocado.

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7. Dill

You’re probably most familiar with the sour and sweet tang of dill from dill-flavored pickles. However, you can use dill and avocado to make a variety of recipes, including this piquant cucumber avocado salad.

8. Mint

You might not expect this, but the bright, sweet taste profile of mint is perfect for heightening the faint sweetness of avocado. Use these ingredients to make a dip the likes of which you’ve probably never tasted before.

9. Nutmeg

Most people probably know nutmeg as a spice you put in pies. Again, however, its aromatic and sweet taste is great for avocado, which is much milder in comparison.

10. Oregano

As far as smell goes, oregano is one of the most appealing spices on this list. Dried oregano has just the barest hint of sweetness and makes an excellent topping for a vegan pizza as well as your avocado.

11. Paprika

Paprika would be an amazing choice if you’re trying to make a vegan dish that’s right at home in a cookout. That’s because it has a sweet and spicy taste profile that’s perfect for calling to mind summer days spent out on the grill in your backyard.

12. Parsley

Like arugula, parsley’s peppery taste is a wonderful method for giving your avocado a bit of a kick. Use parsley and avocado in dressing and guacamole recipes.

13. Pepper

You’ve probably heard of people eating avocado toast. If that’s a trend you want to try out for yourself, consider mixing some pepper with your avocado to make a spread you can slather your toast in.

14. Salt

Salt is a flavor in and of itself. It’s perfect for giving your avocado some bite and would work well in an avocado toast spread along with pepper.

15. Sesame

As you can imagine, sesame seeds have a deep and nutty taste. Avocado, which has a creamy texture, could benefit from sesame seeds, which will give it an intriguing crunch.

16. Sorrel

Sorrel has a sour bite to it. If you think your avocado is a little too one-note, adding some sorrel to it will completely change your experience.

Spices that Go with Avocados