20 Spices that Go with Garlic

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Garlic might just be one of the most versatile and delicious ingredients out there. It’s used all over the world, so you’ll find it in a breathtaking range of recipes.

No matter what you’re making, if it’s savory, you can probably throw some garlic in it. But are there things you can use with garlic to make it even tastier?

The answer is yes! We’ve gathered this list of spices that go with garlic to help you enhance that garlicky flavor.

1. Allspice

Some people will tell you that garlic shouldn’t be used with the warming spices traditionally used in baking, such as allspice. However, we think the heat of garlic will only be accentuated by allspice’s warming quality.

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2. Anise

Anise might be another sweeter spice that you’d think is weird with garlic. Although anise is indeed a bit sweet, we think it has a hint of pepperiness that does wonders for increasing the kick of garlic.  

3. Basil

You’ll taste a lot of the same elements from anise in basil. It has a faint sweetness underlying its bright and fresh taste. It could work especially well with cooked garlic, which also takes on a sweeter taste as it caramelizes.

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4. Bay Leaves

Dried bay leaves have a strong taste with some bitterness. It can be tempered with garlic’s warming trait.

5. Caraway

The taste of caraway is a complicated one. Discerning tasters will notice a tiny bit of anise’s sweetness, citrus’s brightness, and its own spice. It will give garlic even more dimension and versatility.

6. Cilantro

The refreshing and green flavor of cilantro works particularly well with garlic in various Mexican dishes. It will result in a lively lemony taste accompanied by an aromatic heat.

7. Coriander

This spice is very common in curry powder. It has a warming quality like garlic that heats you right up when you eat this combination.

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8. Cumin

We don’t know about you, but we think the combination of cumin and garlic sounds mouthwateringly delicious! Imagine a low earthiness brightened considerably by the pungency of garlic and you’ll see what we mean.

9. Dill

You’ll know dill when you taste it. It has a strong, fresh taste that will contrast with garlic’s spiciness.

10. Fenugreek

By itself, fenugreek might taste too bitter for some people. However, with a little cooked garlic, you can tone down that bitter flavor using some caramelly sweetness.

11. Ginger

Ginger has a lot in common garlic, like their shared heat. As a bonus, though, ginger has a brilliant flash of citrus in it, which is perfect to combine with both raw and cooked garlic.

12. Marjoram

When you eat anything with marjoram in it, you might notice that it’s warming and a little bit sweet. With cooked garlic, this would create a more pronounced sweetness.

13. Mustard Seed

Your experience with mustard seed will be different based on which color you eat. Using yellow mustard seeds will create a pleasant spicy-sweet flavor. Go with black mustard seed if you want your garlic and mustard to produce the hottest possible taste.

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14. Oregano

If you shake some dried oregano into your garlic, expect a pleasant experience. You’ll taste a more dramatic sweetness, especially if you use caramelized garlic.

15. Paprika

We think pairing paprika with garlic would create an absolutely dreamy combination. Your paprika could taste sweet or spicy, and either one will work to complement garlic’s own sweetness and heat.

16. Parsley

The flavor of parsley is delightfully green with zippy peppery hints. Partnering it with garlic will create a lively taste that’s equal parts invigorating and spicy.

17. Pepper

One spice you can combine with anything savory is pepper. You can technically use this tangy, hot spice with some sweet things, too, which makes it wonderful for both raw and cooked garlic.

18. Rosemary

If you like spiciness that’s more peppery than just pure heat, we’d recommend adding rosemary to your garlic. Its bitter and peppery profile will help enhance garlic’s spice in a way that has real dimension.

19. Thyme

You may not know this, but thyme is actually related to mint. Because of this, it will have a muted cooling effect that works well at toning down the burn of garlic.

20. Turmeric

You’re probably familiar with turmeric in Indian food for the vivid yellowy color it gives to recipes. We think its bold citrusy flavor works wonderfully with both caramelized and raw garlic.

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Spices that Go with Garlic