13 Spices that Go with Dark Chocolate

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There’s nothing quite as indulgent as kicking back and savoring some dark chocolate. Even if you don’t normally like chocolate, you might like dark chocolate, thanks to its uniquely bitter flavor combined with mellower sweet tones.

But did you know you can totally change the taste of dark chocolate? Try out some of the spices that go with dark chocolate in our post to experience it on a whole new level.

1. Black Pepper

Using black pepper is a great way to enhance savory flavors in a dish. Adding it to your dark chocolate will highlight its bitterness with a piercing taste.

Feel free to try it out yourself by whipping up these mouthwatering vegan black pepper chocolate truffles.

2. Cardamom

What if you want to enhance the slight sweet notes in your dark chocolate? Then you should think about using cardamom, which has a sophisticated lemony and minty taste. It will make each chocolate-filled bite refreshing in addition to being indulgent.

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3. Cayenne

Ready to get bold with your chocolate? Try mixing in a bit of cayenne pepper with it. You’ll get a robust smoky, bitter taste unlike any other.

4. Chili Powder

If you want to try out the sweet, smoky, and spicy combo above but don’t have cayenne, check your spice cabinet for chili powder. Because it’s often made with cayenne, it also has a savory, spicy taste that will give your dark chocolate an exotic-tasting twist of heat.

5. Cinnamon

While most people associate cinnamon with toothache-level sweets, the spice itself isn’t honestly that sweet. In fact, it’s spicy and pungent, which is what makes it great at highlighting the bitterness in your dark chocolate without drowning out its sweeter side.

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6. Curry Powder

If you’re feeling adventurous, curry powder and dark chocolate will take you on a real culinary trip. Curry powder is made from several other spices, often including cumin and turmeric. It will combine with your chocolate to create an earthy, zesty, and bitter mouthful that will make you feel like you’re sampling an international recipe.

7. Espresso Powder

Okay, so espresso powder isn’t usually considered a spice. We couldn’t resist mentioning it, though, because it is absolutely and undeniably delicious with dark chocolate. Espresso’s rich and intense flavor complements the chocolate, leading to an even deeper flavor profile.

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8. Fennel

The seeds of fennel possess their own bitterness. If you were to combine them with dark chocolate, you would raise the bitterness to new heights, and then it would end in a pleasantly lingering sweetness.

9. Ginger

Fruit and chocolate go together like peas in a pod. Thus, the citrusy elements in ginger are naturally great for brightening dark chocolate and giving it some peppiness.

10. Mint

Oh, mint and chocolate – a tried and true combination worthy of the annals of culinary history. Mint is absolutely wonderful for giving your dark chocolate a light and refreshing note.

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11. Paprika

There are a few different types of paprika, and each one pairs beautifully with dark chocolate while producing various results. We suggest spicy paprika to give your dark chocolate a bit of a kick.

12. Pink Peppercorn

Did you know that pink peppercorn is made from dried berries? This might be why it has a fruity and spicy taste that makes it a wonderful choice for dark chocolate. Expect it to lend the chocolate some lively notes of fruit that fill out its hint of sweetness.

13. Sea Salt

Salt and chocolate is yet another time-honored pairing. We recommend sea salt specifically because, in addition to giving your chocolate that salty bite, it will have a pleasingly crunchy texture you’ll love sinking your teeth into.

Spices that Go with Dark Chocolate