10+ Spices that Go with Fajitas

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Are you planning on whipping up some enticing vegan fajitas, but don’t know what to season them with? If so, you’ve come across the right page.

In this brief guide, we’ll list over ten different spices that go with fajitas. Try them out to make your own taste like they came fresh from a restaurant!

1. Black Pepper

We always recommend black pepper with just about every savory food. It’s one of those trusty spices you should almost carry with you wherever you go because it goes with everything.

Seasoning your fajitas with black pepper will give them a piquant little burst with tasty hints of brightness fit for a king.

2. Cayenne

Go with a spice like cayenne if you want a much more traditional fajita experience. Cayenne’s smoky profile will give your fajitas a taste as if they were made on a grill.

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3. Chili Powder

If you don’t have pure cayenne on hand, chili powder works well, too. This is because it has cayenne in it, and its spiciness will vary based on exactly how much cayenne there is.

Add some chili powder to give your fajitas a mouthwatering aroma with a hint of spice.

4. Cilantro

This fresh-tasting herb is a classic in Mexican cuisine. You can add it dried or fresh to add some herbal brightness to your fajitas.

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5. Cumin

Another believed classic in Mexican food, cumin is a spice you can’t go wrong with. It will underscore the other flavors in your fajitas with a pleasant earthiness.

6. Garlic Powder

While it might not have the same heat as garlic, there’s no mistaking the slight heat garlic powder will leave your fajitas with. Not to mention how amazing it will make them smell!

7. Onion Powder

Unlike garlic powder, onion powder is just about as piquant as the vegetable it comes from. Sprinkle some on your fajita mix to give it a bit of a spicy-sweet burn that you won’t be able to get enough of.

8. Oregano

What makes oregano excellent for this list is how well it combines with the other spices here. You can use it with just about every spice on this list to give your fajitas a biting peppery flavor.

9. Paprika

You’ll get hints of smokiness and sweetness in paprika. This intriguing combination will no doubt give some dimension to your fajitas.

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10. Red Pepper Flakes

The taste of red pepper flakes is basically pure heat. Want to up the spice factor in your fajitas when it comes to temperature? Sprinkle in some red pepper flakes and keep some tissue nearby for when your nose starts to run!

11. Salt

Salt is a wonderful chameleon of a spice. Like pepper, you can use it with anything, including fajitas. It’s perfect for accentuating any other flavors you choose to include.

Spices that Go with Fajitas