7 Spices that Go with Almond Extract

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Despite the name, almond extract doesn’t really taste anything like almonds. It has a vigorously sweet taste that makes it perfect for baking.

But what if you want to make it something more than just simply sweet? In that case, you should try out some of these spices that go with almond extract.

Keep reading to see what we picked and why…

1. Cinnamon

The brash, hot spiciness of cinnamon is a great partner for sugary flavors, including almond extract. It rounds out the sweetness with a bit of pleasing, invigorating heat that feels refreshing.

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2. Clove

You’ve probably seen clove paired with sweet flavor profiles in many of your favorite desserts, such as pie. It’s a warming spice with fruity traces and a bitterness that will contrast the overwhelmingly sweet taste of almond extract.

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3. Curry Powder

If you’re in a bold mood, try using a bit of curry powder with your almond extract. Curry powder is a combination of spices which usually includes complex flavors like cumin and turmeric. It often has sweet hints, though, such as cinnamon, which pairs well with almond extract naturally.

4. Espresso Powder

Technically, espresso powder isn’t a spice, but it’s often treated like one. For that reason, we thought it was worth mentioning.

You’ve heard of almond lattes. With espresso powder, you can produce that sweet and simultaneously dark, earthy taste that’s just like something out of a coffee shop.

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5. Lemon Zest

Like espresso powder, lemon zest isn’t a spice in a technical sense of the word. Many people use grated lemon rind like a spice, though, and we think it would go hand in hand with your almond extract.

Using lemon zest will brighten up the sweetness a bit, giving it a penetrating quality.

6. Nutmeg

Want to make your almond extract holiday-worthy? We think you should try it out with nutmeg, whose warm flavor and bittersweet taste will sophisticate your almond extract’s.

7. Salt

If you’re feeling completely overwhelmed about flavor pairings, salt is an excellent seasoning to fall back on. It’s one of the most flexible options out there, because its salty flavor can highlight all other tastes. It would be a great contrast for your almond extract.

Spices that Go with Almond Extract