13 Spices that Go with Cinnamon

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Even if you don’t personally have a sweet tooth, you might find the taste of desserts made with cinnamon tolerable.

That’s because cinnamon isn’t sweet by itself. In fact, it has a heat and pungency that makes each bite feel purifying.

But what do you pair with cinnamon? Keep reading to find out a few spices that go with cinnamon…

1. Anise

Have you ever eaten licorice? If so, you know what anise tastes like. Combined with cinnamon, it would create a sweet and faintly spicy pairing that could be best described as mouthwatering.

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2. Cardamom

Cardamom tastes very similar to nutmeg. Its subtle spicy and peppery notes could enhance cinnamon’s biting flavor.

3. Clove

Look up clove recipes online, and we guarantee you’ll find tons of delicious desserts. That’s likely because it has a delicate fruitiness and heat. Since cinnamon has its own clove-like notes, adding some actual clove to it will draw them out.

Learn more about clove and its uses in our guide to what cloves taste like.

4. Coriander

A beginner in the world of culinary exploration might be confused by the prospect of adding coriander and cinnamon. Coriander is a savorier spice, after all. However, its bright lemony and herbal traces could be contrasted beautifully by cinnamon’s heat.

5. Cumin

Cumin and cinnamon is another pairing that might leave you scratching your head at first. But trust us when we say cinnamon’s warmth will only be heightened by the addition of cumin.

You can test it out yourself by making this vegan Moroccan spiced chickpea soup!

6. Fennel

Fennel starts off tasting bitter but mellows into a lingering sweetness. That’s what makes it ideal for cinnamon, which is spicy. Imagine the nose-tingling bite of cinnamon followed by a shadow of sweetness, and you’ll see what we mean.

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7. Fenugreek

The flavor of fenugreek is quite bitter. If you use cinnamon with it, you’ll end up with an especially sharp taste that’s perfect for savory dishes.

8. Ginger

Ginger is a bit hot and lemony. Cinnamon will enhance its heat, while the bright lemony taste will hang over the other flavors.

9. Mace

Unlike cinnamon, mace does have a bit of sweetness to it. You could compare it to clove, although it ends in a pungent bitter flavor. Mixing cinnamon together with it will create a potent experience unlike any other.

10. Mint

Think the burn of cinnamon could use some freshening up? Consider partnering it with mint for a taste that will leave your mouth feeling cleansed.

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11. Nutmeg

Nutmeg has an extremely comforting flavor. Its bittersweetness will play off the heat of cinnamon, and would make an intriguing dessert.

12. Pepper

Using pepper is one of the easiest ways to give a recipe some much-needed complexity. If you pair it with your cinnamon, you’ll end up with something extra potent and hot.

13. Turmeric

If what you want from your recipe is sophistication, turmeric and cinnamon can’t be beat. They both have sharp tastes and a woodiness that will only be heightened when they’re brought together.

Spices that Go with Cinnamon