17 Spices that Go with Ginger

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If you enjoy various types of Asian cuisine, you’re likely familiar with the citrusy punch of ginger. Even if you don’t eat much Asian food, there are tons of other things you’ll find it in.

Whether it’s a comforting mug of ginger tea, some satisfying vegan gingersnaps, or even gingerbread cookies, you’ll find it everywhere.

Could it get any tastier? The answer is yes, with the help of these spices that go with ginger.

1. Allspice

With its hints of warmth, it’s little wonder that ginger can go with warming spices such as allspice. Expect the heat of allspice to heighten that of your ginger.

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2. Cardamom

Like ginger, cardamom has a quality that cleanses your mouth as you chew. Combining it with ginger will lead to an extra-refreshing taste that will leave you feeling energized.

3. Celery Seed

Celery seed’s taste is piercing. It has spiciness and lemony notes in spades, so it will reflect the same flavors in ginger.

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4. Cilantro

What makes cilantro a smart pick for ginger is its own complexity. It has hints of lemon and mint with a peppery twist that will make your ginger even brighter.

5. Cinnamon

Want to crank up the heat with your ginger? Mix in some cinnamon and feel the sinus-clearing burn on your tastebuds with every bite.

6. Cloves

Cloves, which are a popular dessert spice, pair beautifully with ginger. They have a hot and bitter taste that will punctuate ginger’s bright, citrusy flashes.

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7. Coriander

Ginger and coriander together are already frequently paired in curries. They combine to produce an intriguing citrusy and warm flavor with just a ghostly trace of sweetness.

8. Cumin

Because it’s such a potent spice, make sure you’re light-handed when it comes to adding cumin to your ginger. The result will be a low, earthy profile with bright lemony highlights from the ginger.

9. Dill

If you’re looking for a way to make your ginger supremely bright and peppy, mix it with dill. You’ll get a slightly peppery bite with fruity notes.

10. Garlic Powder

Although not as potent as garlic, you can use some garlic powder to lend your ginger a bit of garlic’s spicy-sweet burn. The combination is well-rounded and pleasantly hot.

11. Mace

You’d find mace comparable in taste to nutmeg. It has a warming flavor that’s wonderful for uplifting the ginger’s spice.

12. Mint

Chances are, you’ve felt the ice-cold sensation of mint on your tongue while using a breath freshener or toothpaste. This sensation is a great way to balance the heat of your ginger.

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13. Nutmeg

We suggest nutmeg because it will give your ginger a little extra warmth. Plus, its bittersweet taste is perfect for toning down those tart citrusy elements in ginger.

14. Paprika

Ginger and paprika would produce a unique flavor. Expect this combo to be especially spicy, to the point where your nose might get a bit runny. If you’re a spice lover, it’s perfect for you to try out in a recipe like this vegan roasted red pepper and ginger soup.

15. Pepper

You can safely combine pepper with just about any food worry-free. The same goes with ginger, which your pepper will accentuate the spiciness in.

16. Sage

Sage’s piney and citrusy notes will enhance the citrus flavor inherent to your ginger. The result will be something tart that wakes your tastebuds up.

17. Turmeric

Even though they’re related, turmeric doesn’t taste much like ginger. However, its low and earthy taste is great for contrasting ginger’s brighter lemony notes.

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Spices that Go with Ginger