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Miso Soup: Is it Vegan? Plus Quick Recipe & Easy Mix Packets

SaveSaveMiso soup is a delightful Japanese dish that’s commonly served as an appetizer. When dining out at a Japanese establishment, I love getting a miso soup and a house salad before my veggie rolls. It’s warming and full of different textures and flavors. For vegans such as myself, there’s a lot of confusion around miso […]

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21 vegan honey alternatives

Over 21 Vegan Sweeteners and Honey Substitutes

SaveFor many new vegans, trying to figure out what to eat can be overwhelming. Sweeteners are a common point of confusion because their origins are often unknown and their ingredient statements can be complex. Now for the good news: there’s a huge selection of sweeteners out there for vegans to choose from. In fact, most sweeteners […]

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Is Greek Yogurt Vegan? Plus 7 Dairy-Free Alternatives!

SaveGreek Yogurt has quickly become popular snack and different brands are popping up all over the refrigerated section of the grocery store. As a lower sugar alternative to overly sweetened commercial yogurts, it may be a slightly healthier alternative. However, the ethical and health issues of consuming real dairy cannot be ignored.If you’re thinking about […]

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Kettle Corn: Is it Vegan? Plus Brands & an Easy Recipe!

SaveSaveKettle corn is a sweetened, salted, and oiled popcorn. It’s extremely popular at events such as concerts or carnivals, but can also be purchased from the grocery store.In this article, we’ll cover the vegan status of kettle corn, vegan kettle corn brands, and give you an easy kettle corn recipe so you can make your […]

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5 vegan crab alternatives

Imitation Crab: Is it Vegan? Plus 5 Vegan Crab Substitutes!

Is Imitation Crab Meat Safe for Vegans and Vegetarians?Imitation crab meat, often found in California rolls at sushi restaurants, is not vegan. It is also not safe for vegetarians as it usually contains some form of ground up fish. That being said, there are plenty of alternative options to mainstream imitation crab that are cruelty-free […]

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Dates vs Prunes: Nutritional Comparison & Recipe Inspiration!

SaveSaveSaveSaveWhat’s the Main Difference Between Dates and Prunes?Although they are somewhat similar looking, dates and prunes are actually completely different fruits. They come from completely different plants, have different flavor profiles, and slightly different nutritional properties. Dates are their own species of dried fruit that grow on trees, while prunes are actually plums that have been […]

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Vegan’s Guide to Peanut Butter Brands + 9 Inspirational Recipe Ideas!

Many people new to the vegan lifestyle often ask about peanut butter. Perhaps because it has the word butter or maybe because there are several strange ingredients in some of the biggest peanut butter brands. It often becomes a point of confusion for people transitioning to a veganism.In our Vegan’s Guide to Peanut Butter we […]

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Peanut Butter Coffee: Spiced Latte Recipe (Vegan)

SaveIf you’re anything like me, you love coffee of all varieties. I like it dark, light, in a frappuccino- heck, I even drink it black from time to time.With the holidays approaching and the air becoming cold and crisp, there’s nothing like a drink that’s warm in flavors as well as temperature.With the added pumpkin […]

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Are Starbursts Vegan? The Answer + 3 Alternatives!

Starbursts are an extremely popular candy. People who would like to transition to a vegan and cruelty free lifestyle often wonder if they’ll still be able to snack on them. In this article, we’ll cover whether Starbursts are vegan, analyze their ingredients, and provide you with three other vegan alternatives. Quick Navigation Are Starbursts Vegan?Ingredients […]

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Quinoa vs Couscous (Differences, Nutrition with 9+ Unique Recipes)

SaveSaveSaveSaveSaveSaveWhats the Main Difference Between Quinoa and Couscous?Because of their round shape and similar texture, many people often wonder what the difference is between couscous and quinoa. Although they might be comparable in appearance and culinary applications, quinoa and couscous are actually from completely different foods.Below we will explore the major differences between quinoa and […]

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