14 Spices that Go with Butternut Squash

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Butternut squash is the perfect introduction to squash in general. It has a lovely sweet and simultaneously savory flavor with a nuttiness for a little extra dimension.

But if you thought you’ve experienced everything that butternut squash can be, you’re probably wrong. With the right spices, you can turn your squash into something worthy of a restaurant.

We’ll demonstrate by giving you a list of spices that go with butternut squash below…

1. Basil

If you want to sprinkle in some dramatic taste to your butternut squash, basil is a fantastic start. It has a unique peppery and green taste that will lighten the squash’s sweetness.

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2. Black Pepper

You’d be surprised at how much black pepper alone can transform a meal. It has a slight heat to it without the burn of more potent spices like garlic. Sprinkling some pepper onto your butternut squash will balance out its nuttiness nicely.

3. Cayenne Pepper

Using cayenne pepper, you can do what you would with black pepper, except with more burn. Cayenne isn’t eye-wateringly spicy, but its hot and robust flavor will temper the sweetness of your butternut squash.

4. Chives

Chives are comparable in taste to onions, although not as potent. As you’ve seen from some of the other spices we included on this list, we think spicy goes wonderfully with the sweet in butternut squash, which is why we think chives are perfect. If you’re not a fan of hot foods, you may prefer the milder bite of chives.

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5. Cinnamon

Butternut squash is naturally a little on the sweet side. Like sweet potato, you can heighten that sweetness and make it into something that’s almost dessert-like in its decadence.

Cinnamon is far from purely sweet, and you can even mix it into savory recipes. However, it does have a trace of sweetness amongst its spiciness that we think works well with butternut squash.

6. Clove

Clove is traditionally used in more indulgent foods like pies. You can add a little bit of it to your squash to give it that more decadent flavor profile.

7. Coriander

Coriander’s pungent taste could certainly be described as floral. It’s another spice that we think would work well with butternut squash’s sweeter notes.

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8. Cumin

Cumin’s unique smoky-sweet flavor is staple in Mexican cuisine. We think its bitter undertones will perfectly underscore your squash.

9. Garlic

If you want something with some real bite, go for garlic. Using it with your butternut squash will result in something mellow with a lingering heat you’re not soon to forget.

10. Ginger

Ginger is a spice you should be careful with because of its oftentimes overpowering flavor. It packs a lot of heat, combined with some citrusy highlights that take the taste to new heights. Mix it in with your butternut squash to give some brightness to its otherwise mellow flavor – but use the ginger sparingly.

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11. Parsley

What if you don’t really like sweet flavors and want to find a way to highlight other notes in your butternut squash? We suggest giving parsley a try. With its earthy and peppery flavors, you’ll find the sweetness of the squash takes a backseat while its nutty and savory aspects are pulled to the fore.

12. Rosemary

Most often used in dinner dishes, rosemary has a deeply savory profile. Consider pairing it with other savory or hot spices like chives and garlic to enrich your butternut squash.

13. Sage

You’ve probably encountered sage before in traditional holiday meals. It has a piney zip to it that gives your butternut squash some much-needed bite.

14. Salt

Salt might just be the most flexible spice on this list. It can encompass a variety of flavors based on what it’s mixed with. However, it’s especially good for bringing out savory flavors, which is why it’s wonderful for butternut squash if you’re not a fan of sweet tastes.

Spices that Go with Butternut Squash