10 Spices that Go with Green Beans

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Are you wondering what you can do to make your green beans taste better? We’d recommend sprinkling on some spice.

If you’re not sure where to start, though, we’re here to help you. We’ve gathered a brief list of spices that go with green beans for you to test.

1. Basil

Basil’s naturally strong taste is great for helping tone down flavors you don’t like. So if you don’t like the earthiness of your green beans, use basil to give them a flash of pepperiness.

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2. Chervil

The sweet and fresh “green” taste of chervil works wonders at brightening up veggies. Using it will give your green beans a lovely fresh flavor.

3. Chili Powder

Sweet and spicy chili powder can give virtually any savory food a hot punch of spice. It will give your green beans a much more powerful restaurant-quality taste.

4. Chives

By using a little chives, you can bestow that beloved sweet onion heat on your food. It will work well with your green beans by lending them a popular and familiar flavor.

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5. Garlic Powder

One thing that many people dislike about green beans is how bland they can taste. You can turn that around with some garlic powder, which will make them smell and taste spicy.

6. Lemon Zest

Grated lemon rind is surprisingly versatile and leaves the best parts of lemon’s tart and bright footprint on anything. It will freshen up your green beans with a flash of brightness.

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7. Onion Powder

It could be said that garlic powder doesn’t contain the full and explosive taste of raw garlic. However, this isn’t necessarily the case with onion powder, which is still quite bold. This is why it’s fantastic for making your savory foods, including your green beans, taste like a sweet and hot onion.

8. Pepper

We’d probably recommend pepper with just about any veggie. In fact, combine it with some salt and vegan butter to make your green beans into a piquant snack with a pleasing sharpness.

9. Salt

Like with pepper, salt is another spice we’d suggest putting on anything savory. Salt on your green beans give them a pleasing salty tanginess that’s sure to be a crowd pleaser.

10. Sesame Seeds

What makes sesame seeds so great with green beans isn’t just their taste – it’s their appearance. They’ll contrast beautifully with your beans and leave them with a bit of nuttiness.

Spices that Go with Green Beans