17 Spices that Go with Fruit

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There are all kinds of fruit in the world. Most of them are pretty tasty to snack on by themselves, but you can often take them up a notch by adding some spices to the mix.

Just as there are many fruits, however, there are many spices. We’ll introduce you to some potential options in this guide to spices that go with fruit.

1. Allspice

If you’re feeling a bit overwhelmed by all the options at your disposal, you can start with allspice. It goes with just about any fruit out there because of its warm, pungent flavor. It works well with sweet foods by giving them a bit of spiciness.

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2. Anise

You can use anise to refine the sweetness of your fruit without making it overly sugary. It will give any fruit you combine it with a green, herbal flavor.

For an extra-delicious pairing, try using it with apples.

3. Basil

Pick a little basil if you want to give your fruits additional dimensions. It has a faint peppery kick with the iciness of mint underlying it, turning any fruit into a cooling treat.

4. Bay leaf

We wouldn’t recommend bay leaves with just any fruit, but it does work well with a specific variety: citrus. Its cooling quality can help tone down the lip-puckering sourness.

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5. Cardamom

If you’ve got some apples or pears on your hands, we think you should give cardamom a try with them. Its citrusy smokiness balances out the oftentimes sweet flavor of fruits.

6. Cilantro

Use cilantro to give your fruit a lively and bracing flavor. It might seem strange, but the combination is amazingly fresh and pleasing.

7. Cinnamon

You can combine cinnamon with a wide variety of fruits, thanks to its spicy heat that doesn’t interfere with natural sweetness. It works especially well when it comes to making a delicious vegan apple pie.

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8. Cloves

If you’re planning on making a pie out of your fruits, cloves are another spice rack essential. You might notice they have their own slight fruitiness to them with a bitterness that rounds out the taste of fruit.

9. Coriander

Got some lemons, limes, or oranges you’re trying to spice up? We’d recommend using coriander, because it actually has a slight citrusy note of its own. It will help make the taste of your citrus fruits even bolder.

10. Ginger

Within each bite of ginger, you might notice some spiciness and elements of lemon. This bright flavor is what makes it perfect for your dried fruits, which can sometimes lose their boldness after being dried.

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11. Mint

There’s nothing quite as revitalizing as biting into a fresh, juicy fruit…that is, until you see how mint and fruits combine. The cooling quality of mint can take that thirst-quenching and refreshing quality of fruit to new heights.

12. Nutmeg

If you’re experimenting with making desserts, nutmeg is another spice you should have on hand. It has this pleasant warmth and taste reminiscent of cloves, which helps deepen the flavor of fruits.

13. Pepper

When you’re thinking about what to top your fruits with, one of the last spices on your list is probably pepper. Most people use it for savory purposes only.

But the penetrating, nose-clearing taste of pepper could be a wonderful addition to your fruits. It will counteract sweetness a little bit with its potency.

14. Rosemary

Rosemary is another one of those herbs that people assume can only be used for savory dinners or lunches. But a little dried rosemary also pairs well with apricots, grapes, or even lemons, due to its warm and piercing profile.

15. Sage

Apple and sage is a match made in heaven. Sage’s piney notes are wonderful for brightening up tart and sweet tastes, like those commonly found in apples.

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16. Thyme

Use a sprinkle of thyme leaves if you like the taste of mint but want something a teensy bit milder. To a smaller degree, thyme has that same cold feel but with an intriguing spiciness at the same time.

17. Vanilla

You can pair vanilla with just about any fruit. If the fruit is sweet, vanilla will highlight that sweetness. On the other hand, if the fruit is tart, vanilla will round it out with its mellow sweet and smoky taste.

Spices that Go with Fruit