What Does Acorn Squash Taste Like?

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What Does Acorn Squash Taste Like

There’s no mistaking how intriguing acorn squash looks. Its tapered shape and ridged sides might make you think of an acorn and a pumpkin combined.

But does it taste like either of those things? If you’re wondering what acorn squash tastes like, you’ve stumbled across the right page.

We’ll be answering a couple questions about acorn squash here. Beyond its taste, we’ll discuss how it compares with butternut squash and other squashes overall.

What Does Acorn Squash Taste Like?

Like many other squashes, acorn squash has a mildly sweet and gentle flavor. You may even detect some creamy, buttery notes to it.

It’s not very overwhelming. However, it’s exactly this gently sweet and creamy quality that makes it excellent for combining with other foods.

In terms of texture, acorn squash has a fleshy feel. Occasionally, it can even be a bit on the stringy side, which is why it’s not great for smooth soups.

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Do Butternut Squash and Acorn Squash Taste the Same?

One question many people have is if acorn and butternut squash are alike in more than just name. Truthfully, their flavors are similar, but there are some differences.

Acorn squash’s flavor is subtler than that of butternut squash. Because butternut squash’s taste is a bit more dramatic, you’ll detect a more powerful sweetness in it with pronounced nutty notes – just like in the name!

Butternut squash’s flesh is also smoother. For that reason, it’s a superior stuffing or soup ingredient.

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Which is Healthier: Acorn or Butternut Squash?

Beyond taste, there’s another aspect that often goes into your decision on what to eat: the nutritional value of a food. Because acorn and butternut squash end up being compared so often, quite a few people are left wondering which one is better for you.

If you’re looking for something with fewer calories, then you’ll want to opt for the butternut squash. A single cup of butternut squash is approximately 82 calories. To put that into perspective, the same amount of acorn squash is a little over 110 calories.

When it comes to nutrition, though, these two squash titans are about equal. They each have large amounts of vitamins, including A and C. It’s also no surprise that they’re both packed with fiber.

Which Squash is Best Tasting?

So far, we’ve only really discussed two specific types of squash. But what about squash in general? Is there one that we think tastes better than all the others?

This is entirely a matter of opinion. However, there are many people who will say butternut squash is the best because of its pronounced sweet and nutty flavors. We personally love buttercup squash because it’s also very sweet.

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Wrap Up

Most squash cultivars are a creamy, dreamy culinary experience, and acorn squash is no exception to that. It’s true that it can be more fibrous than other types of squash, but its mild flavor is perfect for anyone who thinks squash tends to be too sweet.

Furthermore, there are tons of ways you can use acorn squash if you have some on hand. We highly recommend stuffing it if you’re in the mood for an indulgent and filling dish.