Where to Find Bay Leaves in the Grocery Store (Check These Aisles…)

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where to find bay leaves

Trying to figure out where to find bay leaves in the grocery store? Here are the aisles you’ll see them in…

We’ll also tell you which stores are most likely to carry them…

Which Grocery Store Aisle Are Bay Leaves In?

Most grocery stores keep bay leaves in the spice aisle. You should see them in the spice rack with the other bottled spices and herbs.

For fresh bay leaves, try the produce area. You may find them by the herbs like basil and cilantro.

If there’s a bulk area in your grocery store, check there next. You may also have luck in the international aisle.

Can’t seem to find them? The stores below are known to carry bay leaves…

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Dried bay leaves in a heap

What Stores Sell Bay Leaves?

  • Amazon – You can get dried bay leaves on Amazon, and sometimes you can even get them fresh. Keep an eye out for bulk bay leaves, which are usually cheaper.
  • Walmart – Walmart has brands like Great Value, McCormick and Loma Vista by the spices and sauces in the condiment aisle. Check the store locator on Walmart’s website if you’re looking for a particular brand.
  • Whole Foods – You’ll see bay leaves in bulk and in the spice aisle at Whole Foods.
  • Your Local Health Food Store – If you can’t get fresh bay leaves at a natural food store, you should be able to buy the dried leaves.
  • Safeway – Some Safeway stores sell fresh bay leaves in the produce area, but they should also have dried bay leaves in the spice aisle.
  • Trader Joe’s – Look for store brand dried bay leaves in the spice section at Trader Joe’s.
  • Target – Target stocks Market Pantry, Simply Balanced, Badia and other brands with the spices and seasonings in the pantry area.
  • Kroger – Look in the spice and international aisles of Kroger stores for bay leaves.
  • Publix – Publix should have bay leaves in the spice aisle, if not the produce section.
  • Ethnic Markets – Stop in at Latin and Greek markets for bay leaves.

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Great Ways to Use Bay Leaves

Roast Vegetables with Them

Bay leaves add a gentle herbal flavor to roasted veggies. Since they’re so mild, they’re suitable for any kind of vegetable, from potatoes to asparagus. For a nice herb mix, try combining bay leaves with rosemary, thyme or oregano.

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Use Them in Soups

For some cooks, bay leaves are vital to vegetable stocks and many soup bases. Whenever you’re making a vegetable soup, consider throwing in a couple of bay leaves, fresh or dry.

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Use Them in Marinades

There are many ways to make a marinade. Depending on what you’re cooking, bay leaves can be a good addition, especially if you’re making herb-flavored mock meats like veggie sausage or tofurkey. 

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