What Does Dill Weed Taste Like?

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In this article, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about dill weed.

A wooden spoon filled with dill seed and wrapped with dill weed.

Let’s dive right in…

What Does Dill Weed Taste Like? 

Dill weed has a rather unusual flavor.But, interestingly, it also has a licorice taste, though it’s very muted.

Grassy and green are probably some of the best descriptors for dill weed. 



There isn’t much that tastes similar to dill.But there are herbs that create a comparable effect on the palate, which include tarragon, fennel and parsley.

If you do omit dill from a recipe, be sure to use other savory herbs, even if they don’t mimic the taste of dill.The reason is that your recipe probably relies on a strong herb flavor and may be bland without it.

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What Do You Use Dill For? 

Dill is commonly added to marinades, sauces and soups.It goes particularly well with creamy dishes, so think of vegan potato leek soups and white cashew or pine nut sauces.

You can also bake with dill.Just like you’d use rosemary in focaccia bread, you can make dill focaccia or pizza crust.It may also be used in mock tuna salads, homemade pickles and roasted vegetables.

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Can Dill Be Eaten Raw? 

Dill can most definitely be eaten raw.

A great way to use fresh dill is in salad dressing. tofu


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