Juicy Fruits List: 14 Fruits that Are Juicy

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Juicy Fruits List

Who wants to bite into a dry fruit? The members of this juicy fruits list are some of the most luscious ones out there. After all, fruits that are juicy tend to be the ones people love best. So let’s dive in!

1. Grapefruits


These huge fruits create the most juice out of any in the citrus family. In fact, the average grapefruit will create 3/4 of a cup of juice! Ruby red grapefruits are a bit juicier than yellow or pink varieties, and are significantly sweeter too.

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2. Oranges


You’ll get 1/3 to 1/2 a cup of juice from an average orange, so be sure to stock up on several if you’re keen on freshly squeezed OJ. That said, there’s nothing quite like fresh orange juice, so be sure to try making it yourself.

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3. Grapes


Grape juice really can be the nectar of the gods if you choose the right variety. Look for Concord or Kyoho grapes if possible, as these produce the most juice, and are some of the most flavorful.

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4. Apples


Have you ever had cold, sweet, freshly made apple juice? There’s nothing like it in the world. Some apples are juicier than others, so aim for Honeycrisp, Gala, Red Delicious, or Granny Smith if you want a lot of juice.

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5. Peaches


A fresh, juicy peach is one of the most pleasurable foods to enjoy on a hot summer day. Try white-fleshed peaches at room temperature for maximum juicy-liciousness. Or, make a batch of nectar-sweet peach juice instead!

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Peach Juice

6. Strawberries


Is there anything as satisfying as biting into a big, red, juicy strawberry? While many other berries are quite juicy, strawberries are the slurpiest among them. Enjoy these late spring/early summer berries fresh or frozen, in juices or smoothies.

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7. Musk Melons

Musk Melons

Melons like honeydews and cantaloupes are some of the juiciest fruits around. If your kids or other family members don’t like drinking fluids, offer them bowls of melon balls (or cubes) instead. There’s enough juice in these to keep your loved ones hydrated for days.

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8. Cucumbers


Yeah, we’re still getting used to the idea that cucumbers are fruits. Since they’re also members of the cucurbit (melon!) family, you know they’re as juicy as their honeydew and cantaloupe cousins. Juice these beauties as a base for refreshing vegetable cocktails and green smoothies.

9. Cherries


Cherries produce a ridiculous amount of juice, which you’ve undoubtedly noticed if you’ve ever eaten them fresh. They’ll stain your face, hands, clothes, surrounding furniture, neighborhood… you get the idea. Remove their pits and then either juice them, or toss them whole into smoothies.

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10. Pineapples


Have you ever had pineapple juice? Then you’re probably already aware of just how much juice these massive berries create. Searing or grilling pineapple slices helps to keep the insides juicy while caramelizing the outside. You can either blend them into smoothies for lots of fiber, or juice them instead if you just want their liquid.

11. Bartlett Pears

Bartlett Pears

Most pears are quite juicy, but Bartlett pears in particular are super juicers. Just like peaches, they’re juiciest at room temperature, and you should probably eat them over the sink if you’re biting straight into them. These are ideal for making pear juice/nectar, whether for fresh drinking or in smoothies.

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Tomato Juice

12. Tomatoes


If you’ve ever bitten into a ripe, delicious tomato straight off the vine, you know how juicy they are. Furthermore, tomato juice is a refreshing, nutritious beverage at any time of year. Try juicing your favorite tomato varieties and experimenting with different herbs and spices until you create a version you really like.

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13. Lychees


These bite-sized beauties are bursting with juicy awesomeness. They might take a bit of time and effort to unpeel, but the effort is well worth the reward. Each one is like a gelatinous juice ball encased in skin, and are amazing when chilled in the fridge.

14. Watermelons


Last but not least are watermelons. These pretty much go without saying, but if you’ve ever bitten into a watermelon wedge and felt the juices pour down your chin, you’ll know how juicy these fruits are. After all, they’re well over 90% water with just a bit of fiber and rind.

Whether you’re eating these juicy fruits raw or transforming them into juices and smoothies, you’ll get super hydrated with every serving.

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