10 Fruits that Go with Pumpkin

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Fruits that Go with Pumpkin

1. Oranges

These two orange fruits work really well together, whether in sweet or savory dishes. If used in baked goods such as cake or pie, the orange will brighten pumpkin’s earthiness and enhance its sweetness. In contrast, when used in a savory dish like soup, orange lets pumpkin be the star of the show, just adding a touch of acidic counterbalance.

2. Limes

Pumpkin can work well with a variety of flavors, but it does exceptionally well with lime. Try making a Thai curry with chickpeas, chopped pumpkin, coconut milk, lime juice, garam masala, and a smidge of green curry paste. You’ll see how the ingredients dance together to tantalize your taste buds.

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3. Cranberries

If you haven’t had pumpkin-cranberry muffins with dark chocolate and walnuts, please sort that out as soon as possible. These flavors work perfectly together, and are magnificent autumnal and winter indulgences. Dried cranberries’ tartness works exceptionally well with dark chocolate, plus pumpkin’s sweetness and that nutty crunch… fmuh.

4. Pears

Do you prefer savory flavors and combinations over sweet ones? Then try making a curried pumpkin and pear soup. The fruits enhance one another’s sweetness beautifully, while the savory vegetable stock and curry spices counterbalance those flavors perfectly. Serve with a drizzle of coconut cream and some toasted pumpkin seeds as garnish, if desired.

Pumpkin and Pear

5. Apples

There are few things as comforting on a cold winter morning as a hot bowl of sweet oatmeal. Add a couple of spooonfuls of pumpkin pie filling to your slow-cooker oats, along with chopped apples, cinnamon, nutmeg, and a bit of maple syrup. Serve with toasted almonds or pecans, preferably in bed.

6. Peppers

Remember how bell peppers are fruits, just like tomatoes? Well, if you’re looking for savory dinner inspiration, try making stuffed peppers with pumpkin, wild rice, those aforementioned dried cranberries, chestnuts, and onions. Just make sure you’re using sweet bell peppers, rather than their super-spicy cousins.

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7. Tomatoes

Speaking of tomatoes… did you know you can make stellar pasta sauces by combining crushed or diced tomatoes with pumpkin puree? You’ll increase the sauce’s nutrient density exponentially, while creating complex flavor profiles. Tomatoes provide much-needed acidity to the pumpkin flesh, and the pumpkin adds smooth creaminess to the sauce.

8. Peaches

You may not have considered combining peaches and pumpkins before, but definitely try it before dismissing the concept entirely. Not only do these flavors work beautifully together in pies, tarts, and muffins, they also create a surprisingly good smoothie.

Pumpkin and Blueberries

9. Blueberries

Blueberries pair well with just about anything, and pumpkins are no exception. They have just enough sweetness to compliment pumpkin-y flavors, and stay juicy during the baking process. Try this combination in strudel, muffins, breads, or even cheesecake, if you’re feeling adventurous.

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10. Raisins

Just about any dried fruits go with pumpkin (except for banana), but raisins are particularly good with this fruit. Pumpkin muffins with walnuts and raisins are drool worthy, especially if you add extra spice to them with a bit of ginger and cardamom. Or toss some raisins into that pumpkin oatmeal we teased you with earlier.

Pumpkin doesn’t have to be relegated to pie, and it certainly doesn’t need to be the lonely star of the show. Try some of these combinations to see which fruits you like best with it, in all different combinations. Your taste buds will thank you.