10 Fruits that Go with Apricots

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Fruits that Go with Apricots

Apricots are some of the most underrated of the stone fruits. They’re not as sweet as peaches, are fuzzier than nectarines, but are absolutely exquisite. Below are 10 fabulous fruits that go with apricots, plus recommendations of how to use them together.

1. Peaches

Since apricots and peaches are cousins, they naturally go well together. Try combining them with almond milk and some vanilla vegan yogurt for a peaches and cream style smoothie. Or halve and grill them to bring out their natural sweetness, then top them with your favorite non-dairy ice cream.

2. Nectarines

Same as above: use nectarines and apricots together to celebrate summertime stone fruit awesomeness. In fact, try all three of these varieties in an apricot-rich sangria. 

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3. Oranges

If you’re a fan of baked goods, definitely try making apricot cake or muffins with orange juice glaze. Alternatively, switch this around and bake orange cake with a layer of apricot jam as sweet-tart filling.

4. Lemons

Lemon juice brings out apricots’ sweetness, and also add a complimentary acidic note. Rather than baked goods, try them together in a savory dish like Mshosh (lentil salad), or bulgur wheat salad with dried apricots, walnuts (or pistachios), and lemon.

Apricot and Lemon

5. Limes

Just like lemons, limes offer a stunning acidic bite, and a sourness that emphasizes apricots’ sweet notes. If you like chia seed pudding, try this recipe, which incorporates lime and apricot together in an incredible flavor pairing.

6. Apples

Do you like bright, bold flavors? How about Indian food? Then definitely pair apples and apricots together to make chutney. Then dip fried tofu into it, or use it as a spread with Tofutti or homemade vegan nut cheese on crackers. 

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7. Raspberries

Raspberries and apricots pair together astonishingly well. The berries’ tartness emphasizes the apricots’ nectar, and they compliment each others fragrant notes beautifully. Try them together in jam, or in crumble bars, pies, tarts, and other baked goods.

8. Cranberries

If you like tart cranberries, be sure to make your own cranberry-apricot granola. You’ll use dried apricots here instead of fresh, and compliment these flavors and textures with sliced almonds, maple syrup, and whatever other seeds you like to crunch on best.

Apricots and Cranberries

9. Dried Pineapple

Kick your favorite trail mix up a notch by adding dried pineapple pieces and whole dried apricots. Both of these also go really well with almonds, cashews, and pistachios, so indulge that gourmet palate of yours. Weekend hikes will never be the same again.

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10. Dates

Nutrient density meets deliciousness in these apricot and date power balls. They’re super energizing, full of healthy protein and fats (from the coconut and raw cashews), and the sweet-tart flavor is absolutely incredible. Just remember that they’re also VERY high in fiber. Very.

See how creative you can get with these fabulous fruits? Seriously: if you haven’t given apricots much attention before, hopefully you will now. Better still, you can get super fancy with many of these fruits that go with apricots, experimenting with savory, sweet, and spicy flavor combinations. Whether dried or fresh, these fruits really do deserve their time in the spotlight.