Dark Green Fruit List: 7 Fruits that are Dark Green

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Dark Green Fruit List

Fruits come in all different colors of the rainbow, with so many flavor and hue variations. On this dark green fruit list, you’ll discover some of the tastiest varieties that just happen to come in dark green packages.

1. Watermelons

Although some of their peels can be lighter green, striped, or even yellow, the sweetest watermelon varieties have dark green rinds. Look for the “Sugar Baby” variety whenever you can. It has sugary-sweet, deep red flesh that’s absolutely heavenly to eat on a hot summer’s day.

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2. Avocados

Who doesn’t love avocados? These fabulous dark green fruits are full of healthy, beneficial fats, and are as good for you as they are delicious. Do you know how to tell whether an avocado is perfectly ripe? Pull off the stem butt and look for pale green underneath. That indicates ideal ripeness so you can make perfect avocado toast and guacamole.

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3. Cucumbers

Just like watermelons, cucumbers can come in a variety of different hues. Choose dark-skinned varieties if you want a lot of flavor, as lighter cultivars tend to taste milder. Aim for small cultivars for pickle making, and larger ones for fresh eating in salads and other raw dishes.

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4. Zucchinis/Courgettes

Here we have another member of the Cucurbitaceae family! Like its cousins (cucumbers, squashes, melons, and pumpkins), these can come in several different shapes and sizes. Yellow ones are sweeter, but the dark green varieties are more flavorful and more versatile. Try breading and frying thin slices and dipping them in vegan tzatziki, or spiralize them into gluten-free noodles!

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Zucchini Bread

5. Acorn Squash

They might be bright orange on the inside, but acorn squashes are wrapped in gorgeous, dark green skins. These can be difficult to cut through when they’re raw, so make sure to use a big, well-sharpened chef’s knife or cleaver to get through them.

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6. Pasilla Hot Peppers

While various other hot peppers tend to be light green, orange, or red, Pasilla peppers are a deep forest green. They go brownish around the stem when fully ripe, and pack quite a hot punch. Use them sparingly in sauces and salsas, or to add a bite to pickled vegetables.

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7. Sweet Green Peppers

Although they might be a brighter green when juvenile, fully ripe green peppers are a deep, lustrous hunter green hue. And yes, if you’re still getting used to the idea that nightshades are fruits and not vegetables, peppers are in fruit land along with tomatoes and eggplants.

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Have you tried all of the items on this dark green fruit list yet? If not, you certainly have some experimenting to do! In fact, try intermixing some of them into the same dishes. For example, add some minced Pasilla peppers into your guacamole, or try a creamy avocado dressing on zucchini noodles. These foods are all full of beneficial nutrients, and many of them taste spectacular together. Enjoy!

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