9 Best Fruits to Grow in Pots

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Best Fruits to Grow in Pots

If you’re an avid gardener looking for fruits that are easy to grow in pots, look no further! The nine delicious species on this list absolutely thrive in container gardens. So grab a trowel, get yourself a trowel and some soil, and get ready to grow! Luckily for you, some of the best fruits to grow in pots are also the tastiest. Shall we dig in?

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1. Strawberries

There’s nothing like picking and eating a home-grown strawberry. These ripen to perfection in the summer sunshine, and taste like absolute heaven. They thrive in hanging baskets as well as dedicated strawberry pots, and even old eavestroughs hung on the sunny side of a house!

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2. Blueberries

Potted blueberries are ridiculously easy to grow. Just make sure there’s another potted cultivar within 15 feet for cross-pollination. They won’t produce heavily the first year that you grow them, so you’ll need to be patient for a proper harvest.

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3. Passionfruits

These may sound exotic, but passionfruits are some of the easiest, best fruits to grow in pots and planters. I have several planters full of these around my house: they just need well-drained potting soil and tons of sunshine to thrive. They do well with neglect so it’s okay if you forget to water them on a regular basis. Just pluck the ripe fruits when they’re brown and wrinkly and enjoy.

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4. Kumquats

Do you love cute, teensy citrus fruits? Then consider growing kumquats in pots. They’re basically like dwarf orange trees, are really low-maintance, and can be grown indoors really easily. Set them outside in the sunshine during the summer to keep them healthy and increase their yields.

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5. Kiwis

Bet you didn’t know you can grow kiwi plants in pots! They need a large container, but thrive with very little maintenance. Choose a dwarf kiwi variety for smaller containers, or if you’re growing on a patio, or indoors. Also, buy a relatively mature plant if you can, as they can take years to produce fruit.

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Growing Kiwis in Pots

6. Cherry or Grape Tomatoes

If you’re brand new to container gardening, try cherry or grape tomatoes as your first foray. These thrive in pots, and are ideal for novice gardeners. And who doesn’t love these sweet little jewels? Give them well-draining potting soil, tons of sunshine and plenty of water, and they’ll reward you abundantly.

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7. Peppers

Remember that peppers are fruits too! Choose small varieties to grow in pots, but remember that these smaller peppers usually pack a LOT of heat. Blue filius are tiny and super-hot, but gorgeous. Scotch bonnets, piri piris, jalapenos, jigsaws, and biquinhos are other fiery varieties to try. If you’re dead set on sweet peppers, however, try a mini bell pepper variety.

8. Cucumbers

These are some of the easiest fruits to grow in pots, as long as they get plenty of sunshine and water. Choose miniature or other small varieties like Dragon’s Egg, Miniature White, or even Mexican sour gherkins. Cucumbers are heavy feeders, so work plenty of aged compost into the soil before planting them.

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9. Figs

You can grow fig trees in pots very easily, provided you choose a variety that thrives in containers. Don’t just choose a random cultivar and hope for the best. Aim for a variety like Blanche, Ventura, or Celeste, and plant them in large containers. Their root balls should fit comfortably with a bit of extra room to stretch out a bit.

As you can see, you can grow a pretty great assortment of different fruits in various pots and containers. Just do your research as to their needs, and only grow the fruits that you and your family want to eat!

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