Cheap Fruits: 10 Fruits That are Cheap to Buy

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Fruits That are Cheap to Buy

If you’re grocery shopping on a budget, one of the best things you can do is to buy fruits and vegetables that are in season. That said, if you’re looking for fruits that are cheap, most of the ones listed here are wallet-friendly at just about any time of year.

1. Apples

You’re bound to find some type of apple variety at the grocery store at any time of year, at a very affordable price. Naturally, some varieties will be more expensive than others. Aim for Red Delicious or MacIntosh rather than Honeycrisp if you’re watching your food budget.

2. Bananas

The bananas you’ll find at just about any grocery store in the Western world are Cavendish clones. These are grown extensively throughout Latin America and are incredibly quick and easy to cultivate. This means that they remain cheap to buy at any time of year.

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3. Lemons

Lemon prices fluctuate seasonally of course, but you’ll be able to find at least a handful of them at an affordable price any time of year. Many of them are imported from South America, where they grow abundantly year-round, keeping their costs low.

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4. Limes

Just like lemons, limes grow abundantly in warm climates. They are cultivated especially for export, and are among the cheapest fruits you can buy. Try a splash of fresh lime juice in your favorite smoothie to brighten it up, or as part of a salad dressing. There’s nothing quite like citrus-y brightness to liven up any dish in the dead of winter.

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5. Pears

Pears are super cheap in late summer through to late fall because that’s when they’re in season. Although they get a bit more expensive in later winter and early spring, they’re still a lot more affordable than many tropical offerings. Bartlett and other harder pears are much cheaper than Bosc or Chinese varieties.

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6. Honeydew Melon

Few people choose honeydew as their favorite melon. These muskmelons smell great, but their flavor is quite weak, and they have an odd, squishy texture. Still, if you’re looking for fruits that are cheap, honeydews are full of potassium, magnesium, and vitamin C, and add bulk to your winter fruit salads.

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7. Cantaloupe

Unlike their honeydew cousins, cantaloupes are really quite delicious. Choose these over other melons if you’re looking for budget-friendly fruit options, as they’re very affordable. Try freezing some of the slices into healthy Popsicle alternatives too!

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8. Kiwis

Although kiwis are thought of as tropical fruits, they grow prolifically across the US, Mexico, and South America. Most of the kiwis found in American grocery stores come from California or Chile. This keeps their costs low, since they don’t have to be imported all the way from Australia or New Zealand.

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Grapefruit Juice Facts

9. Grapefruits

You’ve probably noticed that you can buy grapefruits at any time of year, and they’re usually more affordable than other citrus fruits. Yellow and white grapefruits are cheaper than ruby red varieties, as they’re not as sweet. As a result, they’re less popular, so they’re less expensive.

10. Grapes

These are last on the list because they can be quite pricey at times, depending on where you’re located. That said, they’re usually quite affordable year-round, though some types will be cheaper than others. Green grapes are generally less expensive than purple, red, or black varieties.

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As mentioned, prices for various fruits and vegetables will rise and fall depending on the season. Most of the fruits listed here tend to stay quite cheap, however. Try shopping at Asian fruit and vegetable markets for great deals on all kinds of produce. You’ll likely find several varieties there for significantly less than they’d cost at a bigger supermarket.

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