Where are Peaches Grown?

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Where are Peaches Grown

Are you looking for information on where peaches are grown? Peaches are a delicious treat, so it’s natural to be curious about them, especially with their cultural significance.

We’re here to answer that question for you. That’s not where we’ll stop, though – we’ll also be taking a look at how peaches grow.

Sit back with a juicy peach and keep reading to learn more…

Where are Peaches Grown?

Top 5 Countries for Peach Production

Peaches Produced Annually (Tons)


15.19 Million


1.09 Million


0.96 Million


0.90 Million


0.78 Million

Peach Production Source

Many fruits love to grow in moist tropical climates, but this isn’t true for peaches. Peaches, interestingly enough, like dry and moderate climates. Because they have a chilling requirement, they also need occasional periods of cold temperatures to allow them to go dormant.

In other words, don’t look to tropical or hot countries clustered around the equator for your peaches. Look to top peach-growing countries such as China, Italy, Greece, or Spain.

Of course, given their ability to grow in cooler climates than some other fruits, you can cultivate peaches in a wider number of countries. There are peaches in the UK, for instance. In fact, you can grow them quite easily if you have a sunny place with a bit of protection from the elements.

There are also peaches growing in the United States. The states where you can find the most peaches growing are California, Georgia, New Jersey, and South Carolina. It shouldn’t be surprising that Georgia is on the list since it’s called the Peach State!

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Peach FAQs

Do peaches grow on trees?

Have you ever wondered how peaches grow? There are many fruits today that grow in ways different from what we’d expect, such as pineapples, which actually grow on the ground.

If you’re curious about what a peach would like as it’s growing, here’s the answer: they grow on trees. Those planning to grow their own peaches should be sure they have plenty of room for a whole tree, then.  

What is the lifespan of a peach tree?

Unlike many other trees, peach trees are unfortunately short-lived.

Once you’ve successfully grown a peach tree, how long can you expect it to last? In other words, how many years will you get delicious, homegrown peaches?

Unlike many other trees, peach trees are unfortunately short-lived. On average, a peach tree’s lifespan is approximately twelve years. Even more unfortunately, the tree may not actually bear fruit for anywhere from one to three years at first.

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Do peach trees produce fruit every year?

Don’t expect your peach tree to grow fruit every single year of its life. Remember, it will likely take a few years before the tree starts bearing fruit at all.

Even then, some peach trees will produce fruit biennially, or every other year. Your tree may start producing fruit every other year after a particularly large harvest, which drains the tree’s natural resources.

To protect your peach tree from exhausting itself, expert gardeners often recommend a practice called fruit thinning. This is when you remove many of the fruits from the branches while they are still young, leaving several inches of space between each fruit.

Can you plant peach stones?

While this method will potentially get you a peach tree, keep in mind that said tree isn’t guaranteed to produce more peaches for you.

The next time you’re left with a peach stone after snacking on a delicious peach, you might find yourself curious about whether or not you can just plant it in the ground. Here’s the answer: yes, you can actually just plant peach stones in the ground.

You’ll want to make sure you’re in the right climate for this, though. Peach trees like regions that have lengthy, chilly winters that allow the plant to go dormant.

While this method will potentially get you a peach tree, keep in mind that said tree isn’t guaranteed to produce more peaches for you. If you really want to grow the best peach trees yourself, you’ll want to purchase them from reliable nurseries.

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Wrap Up

Peaches are a delightful fruit for snacking and cooking. They can be used for a variety of purposes or recipes, whether it’s for a smoothie, pie, or traditional cobbler. When all else fails, you can even just eat them as-is!

We really do recommend trying a good peach cobbler at least once. Here is an easy vegan peach cobbler recipe you can make at home. 

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