10 Fruits that Go with Coconut

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Fruits that Go with Coconut

Most of the fruits that go with coconut are incredibly easy to find at your local grocery store. This is great if you love coconut and are looking for new, awesome ways to incorporate it into your cooking and baking. Let’s take a look at some of the best pairings so you can get started!

1. Limes

You put the lime in the coconut and… get that song stuck in your head for a week. These flavors combine gorgeously together in sweet and savory dishes. Try mixing coconut milk and lime juice in your next Thai curry. Or create a beautiful lime-coconut drizzle cake to enjoy with your afternoon coffee. If you’re feeling really experimental, maybe make some lime curd for muffins and scones.

2. Oranges

Like their limey cousins above, oranges add a lovely citrus note to any coconut concoction. You can use coconut and orange juice in a variety of different curries and savory dishes. Alternatively, combine the flavors and textures in muffins, cakes, macarons, and more.

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3. Bananas

Banana + coconut milk = pretty much the best smoothie base ever. But there’s an easier way to enjoy these two together. Cut a banana in half, and poke a popsicle stick into the business end of each half. Freeze on a baking tray for about half an hour, just to stiffen them up. Then dip them in some melted vegan chocolate, and roll them around in shredded, sweetened coconut. 

4. Pineapples

Have you ever had a piña colada? If so, then you’ll know how wonderful pineapple is when paired with coconut milk. You can celebrate this combination in drink form with some (okay a lot of) rum, or make freeze pops with it. Hey, you could even make a pineapple rum cake and serve it with coconut whipped “cream” or ice cream. 

Pina Colada

5. Strawberries

While dipping a strawberry in shredded coconut might not work too well, the berries are fabulous with coconut milk. Try a strawberries and cream-style smoothie with frozen and fresh strawberries, coconut cream, coconut water, and a spoonful of coconut yogurt. You’re welcome.

6. Mangoes

You know how coconut goes really well with pineapple’s tropical flavor? The same goes for mango. If you’re on a coconut kick, try a glorious, warming curry with pumpkin and coconut milk, followed by this luscious coconut-mango mousse. All these flavors and textures compliment each other, and you’ll be buzzing with orange fruit + coconut energy for days.

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7. Passionfruit

These glorious globes combine beautifully with coconut. Seriously, everything about this pairing is absolutely decadent. To really highlight their flavors, try to enjoy them in as close to their unprocessed form as possible. For example, these no-bake passionfruit and coconut bars.

8. Kiwi

Kiwi’s bright acidity provides a great counterbalance to coconut’s rich sweetness. This makes them ideal for dessert bars and smoothie bowls where their flavors can really shine together. Better still, try coconut milk-kiwi-chia pudding for either a snack, or a decadent breakfast

Coconut and Kiwi

9. Dates

Make some chewy, protein-rich, super-delicious energy bites with dates and shredded coconut. Just pulse some seeded dates through your food processor with some cashews or almonds, roll the mixture into balls, and coat them with the coconut. Keep them in the fridge for post-working snacking, or as a mid-afternoon pick-me-up.

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10. Pumpkin

This is more on the savory-sweet side, but try adding coconut milk to your next pumpkin curry. The coconut will bring out the pumpkin’s sweetness, and is complimented by warming spices and mixes. Toss in your favorite garam masala, some lemongrass powder, and some warming chilis for good measure.

Which of these fruits that go with coconut is your favorite? Remember that these are just some bases to build upon and inspire you. If you like dates with coconut, try adding chocolate and walnuts to the mix. Or if you like lime and coconut, try that combination for rice or noodles as well as desserts.