Easy to Grow Fruits: 8 Fruits That Beginners Can Grow at Home

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Cherry Tomatoes are Easy to Grow Fruits

Are you looking for vegetables and fruits that are easy to grow at home? Then look no further! These eight easy to grow fruits are ideal for beginner gardeners. Read on for some tips on cultivation and care!

1. Tomatoes

Almost every gardener I know started out with a tomato plant. They’re surprisingly easy to grow, and come in countless shapes and sizes. If you’re a brand new gardener, try growing some cherry or grape tomato plants in containers on your porch. These are low-maintenance and have fewer pest issues than their larger counterparts.

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2. Strawberries

If there’s a sunny spot anywhere outside (or inside) your house, then you can grow strawberries. Try to find day-neutral strawberries rather than June-bearing or ever-bearing. The day-neutral ones create fruit their first year, so there’s instant gratification. They also don’t need the same levels of bright light and heat that the others do, so you can grow them in baskets indoors or on semi-shaded porches.

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3. Raspberries

These berries grow so prolifically, they’re practically impossible to kill. That makes them super-easy for beginners to grow. Either transplant some wild raspberry canes into your garden, or buy some young plants from your local plant nursery. Place them in a very sunny spot in well-drained, slightly acidic soil. Then just water them regularly, and you’ll have raspberries basically forever.

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4. Blueberries

Blueberries require a bit more care than raspberries do, but they’re still easy to grow. The key is that you need to plant different cultivars so they can cross-pollinate. Otherwise, you won’t get any fruit. Like most other berries, they need a lot of sunlight and acidic soil to thrive best. The good news is that you can grow them easily in containers, so you can cultivate them pretty much anywhere.

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Fresh Blueberries

5. Honeyberries (Haskap)

These honeysuckle berries are both delicious, and very easy to grow. The vines grow like weeds, and will do just fine as long as they have plenty of sunshine and water. Choose two different cultivars for cross-pollination, like blueberries, and just follow the care instructions they come with.

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6. Currants

Currants are also surprisingly easy to tend, though they take a bit longer to start producing fruit. Get yourself two different cultivars for cross-pollination, and plant your bushes in rich, moist, well-drained soil. They’re heavy feeders, so mix in some aged compost before planting, and feed them some compost tea or organic fertilizer every few weeks.

*Note: birds are less likely to eat white or yellow currants because they think they’re unripe, compared to red or black ones.

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7. Grapes

You might think that grapes are difficult to grow, but they’re actually quite easy! These vines grow enthusiastically as long as they get lots of sun and water. Choose a variety that’s best for your growing zone, give them something to climb on, and let them go nuts!

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8. Peppers

Whether you like them hot or sweet, there’s a pepper variety out there for you. Try growing some little jalapenos or habaneros in containers on a sunny patio. Just make sure they’re in well-draining potting soil with plenty of perlite or gravel so their roots don’t compact. Bigger sweet peppers will need larger containers, or you can grow any type in an upside-down soda bottle planter.

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As you can see, there are plenty of delicious fruits that are easy to grow at home! Consider joining some gardening communities online for extra help with growing tips, and always plant more than you think you’ll need. You’ll be enjoying the delicious fruits of your labor before you know it.

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