8 Fruits that Go with Anise

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Fruits that Go with Anise

Anise, which tastes just like licorice, is a spice that people either love or hate. As a result, there are only a few fruits that go with anise, rather than clashing with it. Below are a few of the tastiest options, if you’re the type of person who loves this flavor!

1. Oranges

Oranges (and other orange-type fruits like mandarins and kumquats) go amazingly well with anise. In fact, a salad made of orange slices, roasted beets, nuts, and winter greens tastes incredible when drizzled with an anise vinaigrette dressing. 

2. Grapefruits

Like oranges, grapefruits also pair well with anise. This spice can be sprinkled on top of a raw grapefruit to enhance its flavor, but is extra gorgeous if used in a simple syrup to poach the fruits for other desserts.

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3. Pineapples

Have you ever grilled pineapple before? Doing so brings out its sweetness and reduces its acidity. Try making a spice rub with cinnamon, ginger, anise, and a bit of brown sugar. Then slather this on pineapple rings or wedges before tossing them on the grill.

4. Cantaloupes

You may not have considered this combination before, so prepare to be blown away. This recipe for cantaloupe-star anise sorbet can be adapted for regular aniseed as well. Just add a bit of cardamom or ginger for extra spiciness.

Cantaloupe Anise Sorbet

5. Apricots

Apricots love to be paired with warming spices, and anise falls into that category. Since this fruit is often the star of Near- and Middle Eastern cuisine, consider making a sweet-savory mushroom and apricot pilaf. Where it asks for whole star anise, just substitute 1/4 teaspoon of grated regular anise instead.

6. Plums

Do you remember how plums and apricots are cousins? Then you’ll understand why these juicy fruits also love to be paired with licorice flavors. You can sprinkle sugar and anise onto fresh plums before baking them, or combine the two into a vegan version of this plum-anise jam.

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7. Mangoes

Licorice-like flavors are very popular in Indian cuisine, so get your favorite spices out and make some mango-anise chutney. Just use a tiny pinch of ground aniseed in lieu of a whole star anise, and you’re good to go. This stuff is amazing on fried tofu, or as a dip for your favorite samosa recipe.

8. Figs

Since figs go so well with aromatic spices, you know that they go well with this spice as well. Consider skipping the dessert recipes you could go wild with here, and try baking some fig and anise bread instead. It’s amazing spread with Earth Balance, or top it with a bit of that mango chutney for extra anise delight.

Glycyrrhiza glabra is the compound that makes anise, fennel, and licorice taste the way they do. As a result, the fruits that go with anise also go with fennel! Try to get creative with combinations like apple-fennel salad to see if you like these flavors and textures paired together too.