What Fruit Goes Well with Banana in a Smoothie? (10 Amazing Pairings)

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What Fruit Goes Well with Banana in a Smoothie

Are you trying to figure out what fruit goes well with banana in a smoothie? The good news is that there are some amazing pairings for it! The bad news… well, there really isn’t any bad news. You’ll just need to try them all out to determine which you like best.

1. Strawberries

Strawberry and banana is one of the most beloved and ubiquitous smoothie pairings. Mix fresh, sliced banana with frozen strawberries. Then add some vanilla vegan yogurt (or frozen yogurt!) and either soy or almond milk. Alternatively, you can do a 50/50 mix of almond milk and strawberry juice, if you can find it.

Oh, and if you’re really feeling decadent, add some chocolate syrup in there too. Yeahhhhh.

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2. Blueberries

Since bananas have a relatively neutral flavor, you can use them as a base for creamy berry smoothies. They won’t alter the berries’ taste too much, but instead thicken everything up like a shake. Combine frozen bananas with fresh blueberries, some vanilla vegan yogurt, and a splash of coconut milk.

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3. Mangoes

Banana combines well with mangoes in a smoothie the same way it does with blueberries. Instead of competing for flavor, the banana adds a thick creaminess, with just a hint of sweetness. This allows the mango’s tropical gorgeousness to shine through. Try fresh banana and frozen mango with orange juice or mango nectar.

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4. Pineapple

This is a tropical match made in heaven. Mix equal parts canned pineapple chunks with frozen banana. Then add an even mix of coconut milk and pineapple juice. A pinch of allspice or cinnamon can add even more of a tropical flavor to this, and adding chia seeds increases its nutritional value.

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5. Oranges

One of the simplest banana smoothie recipes out there just happens to be the most delicious. Combine fresh or frozen bananas with orange juice, and enjoy. Honestly, that’s it. If you want to get creative, however, juice some tangerines and use those in your smoothie. Or, add a bit of vanilla soy or almond milk to make this taste like an orange cream sorbet.

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Orange banana smoothie

6. Cherries

You may not have considered this pairing for your banana smoothies, but try it out! Mixing frozen bananas with fresh cherries results in something that tastes like a banana split. Use almond milk to add an amaretto kick to this combo. Consider using less liquid if you want to make this a breakfast smoothie bowl, OR freeze it in your ice cream maker.

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7. Limes

 Okay, you’re not going to shove a whole lime into your blender, but the juice can be fabulous. Furthermore, lime juice is absolutely exquisite combined with banana and coconut. Mix coconut cream and coconut yogurt with frozen banana and lime juice until it tastes perfect to you. Feel free to add agave or maple syrup for added sweetness, if desired.

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8. Avocados

People either love or hate this combination. That said, it certainly results in a very thick, rich, creamy smoothie. Mix fresh or frozen banana with avocado, some vanilla soy or almond milk, and a splash of agave syrup. You can even toss some spinach in there if you’d like to hide some veggies in your drink.

9. Pumpkin

This one may seem a bit unusual, but it’s a dream for pumpkin spice lovers. Get yourself some canned pumpkin puree and combine a bit with a pinch or two of pumpkin pie spice and maple syrup. Then put that through a blender with banana and vanilla almond milk. Probably best to sip this one when you’re alone, just so nobody asks you to share.

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10. Dates

Sometimes, an ideal pairing just happens to be one of the simplest. Create a basic banana smoothie with fresh or frozen bananas and your choice of plant-based milk. Then toss in a few soaked pitted dates and your favorite protein powder. This creates a sweet, thick, nourishing smoothie that’s ideal for post-workout replenishment.

Has this list inspired you to get creative with your smoothie making? Although these are some of the best fruits that go well with bananas, there are certainly others that could work as well. Try mixing and matching some of the ones here, like adding both cherries and strawberries, or mango and pineapple. See what you like best, then share the love!

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