Climbing Fruit Plants: 8 Fruits That Are Climbers

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Climbing Fruit Plants

You might not even be aware of it, but some of your favorite fruits and berries may come from climbing fruit plants. Whether you’re looking for new varieties to try, or you’d like to grow food in your own space, check out our list of 8 fruits that are climbers.

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1. Grapes

If you have a gazebo or outdoor space, consider growing grapes all over it. These climbing fruit plants are perfect for growing over various structures. They’re vines, and will twirl around just about anything you plant them next to, which makes it easy to reach up and grab snacks whenever you like.

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2. Passionfruits

These luscious beauties grow on sturdy vines, and can spread out to over 30 feet! They explode into bright purple-white flowers when summer is at its hottest, and those develop into the seed-rich, pulpy fruits we know and love. Here’s a tip: these plants are as medicinal as their fruits are tasty.

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3. Kiwis

Bet you didn’t know kiwis were climbing fruits! These aren’t just small climbers either: each plant can grow up to 40 feet in the right conditions. And oh, the sweet, fuzzy morsels of awesomeness they create.,

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4. Melons

Every melon is a climbing fruit plant, and some growers create really elaborate frameworks for their plants to grow across. Depending on species, the fruits can get really heavy when they ripen. Growers use either mesh or nylon pantyhose (!!!) to support these fruits so they don’t snap the vines.

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Climbing Melon Plant

5. Pumpkins

Yes, these are fruits rather than vegetables, just like melons and other members of the Cucurbitaceae family. Just like melons, these plants can be grown on trellises as long as their fruits are supported.

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6. Squashes (Summer and Winter Varieties)

If pumpkins are considered climbing fruits, then you can be sure that squashes and pumpkins are as well. These include zucchini, tiny pattypans, and all the others that produce more than you could ever hope to use.

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7. Climbing Tomatoes

There are two different types of tomato plants: determinate, and indeterminate. Most cherry and grape tomatoes are indeterminate, which means they’re climbing vines rather than bushes, and produce fruit all season long.

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8. Cucumbers

Yeah, we’re still having trouble wrapping our heads around the idea that cucumbers are fruits and not vegetables. Although these can creep along the ground, it’s a lot easier to grow them on trellises and mesh. They create tendrils and suckers, which makes it really easy to grow them vertically.

Now that you know all about which of your favorite fruits are climbers, what will you do with this knowledge? Make some really interesting salads? Or try growing a climbing garden of your own?

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