Fruits that Go with Avocado

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Fruits that Go with Avocado

Avocados really are the darlings of the culinary world. They’re immensely versatile, and work their delicious way into just about any recipe you can think of. So, let’s take a look at 14 different fruits that go with avocado, and how you can help them play together.

1. Bananas

You may not ordinarily think of pairing avocados and bananas because they’re both soft and creamy, but they work. Basically, you use avocado as a thickening or creami-fying agent in smoothies. It won’t add much flavor, but will add even more nutrients to an already deliciously healthy drink. 

2. Oranges

Adding oranges to leafy green salads is a great way to help draw the iron out of the greens and into your body. Add avocado for a solid dose of healthy fats, and for a lovely acidic tang to balance avocados’ nuttiness. Then just add a handful of nuts or seeds for a whole, protein-packed meal.

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3. Limes

If you’re going to pair these tart fruits with avocados, use their juice rather than their flesh. Sure, you can just drizzle lime juice over your avocado slices and use them to top arepas or tacos, but there’s another option: salad dressing. Puree some avocado with lime juice, cilantro, plain vegan yogurt, olive oil, salt, and pepper. Then use that dressing on whatever veggie-liciousness you love the most.

4. Strawberries

Since we’re talking about salads, if you haven’t had both avocado and strawberries in a salad before, please remedy that. In fact, grab some baby spinach and arugula, top it with sliced strawberries, cubed avocados, toasted walnuts and/or sunflower seeds, and sunflower sprouts. Then drizzle that with a Dijon vinaigrette. You’re welcome.

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5. Kiwis

Do you like green smoothies? If so, there are few combinations out there as luscious as avocados and kiwis. While avocados are neutral flavored and creamy, kiwis are an amazing mix of tanginess, sweetness, and acidity. Mix these together with some coconut water and almond milk, and a handful of spinach or kale for extra green “oomph”. 

Avocado smoothie

6. Blueberries

Most people combine avocados and blueberries in smoothies, but you don’t have to limit yourself like this. Blueberries are also great in salads with avocado slices, and some people even garnish avocado toast with these beautiful fruits. Hey, if raisin bread is a thing, avocado-blueberry toast could work too, right?

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7. Pineapples

Rather than putting everything together in a smoothie, try playing with different flavors and textures in various recipes. For example, pineapple-avocado salsa can be absolutely spectacular. Pineapple’s acidity and sweetness counterbalances avocado’s flavors well. You just need to add some heat and sharpness, either with raw red onion (which will macerate in the pineapple juice beautifully), or a spicy pepper.

8. Watermelons

Remember how avocado is really quite fabulous with crunchy textures? Well, if you don’t have jicama in the house (which is a root vegetable and thus not on this list), swap in some watermelon. You’ll get a similar crunchy juiciness, which goes so well with lush, velvety avocado. 

9. Cranberries

If you’re an avocado fan, you’ve probably smooshed or pureed it before and used it in lieu of mayonnaise. Well, the next time you make a vegan “chick’n” salad with smashed chickpeas, use that avocado mush to hold it all together. Then add in some dried cranberries, a spritz of lemon juice, and some salt and pepper to taste.

10. Mangoes

Frozen treats don’t have to be unhealthy, you know. Puree avocado and mangoes together with some maple or agave syrup. Then put it through an ice cream maker, or just freeze it and scoop it once it’s solidified. It’ll be a startling bright yellow-green hue, and taste like sunshine in a bowl. Or on a cone. Your call.

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Avocado Mango Salsa

11. Cucumbers

It’s easy to make salad with just about anything, so let’s mix things up a bit. Do you like gazpacho? Well, if you’re fond of that tomato-based, chilled summer soup, then try a green version instead. Make a green juice with celery, cucumbers, green peppers, a bit of hot pepper, and green onions. Then chill that, and serve it swirled through with avocado cream. 

12. Hot Peppers

Avocados’ creamy coolness provides a perfect counterbalance to hot, crunchy peppers. The next time you make guacamole, be sure to add some minced jalapeno or habanero peppers into it. They’ll add a fiery bite to this fabulous dip, whether you’re using it for crudites or as a topping for your favorite nachos.

13. Olives

If you’ve more of a fondness for savory dishes than sweet ones, that’s absolutely okay. Although most of the fruits on this list are sweet(ish), remember that olives are, in fact, also fruits. And they are gorgeous with avocado. The next time you make pasta, try making a creamy dressing for it with avocado, basil, olive oil, and a bit of lemon juice. Toss this well, and garnish with a couple different types of sliced olives. Don’t bother sharing it.

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14. Tomatoes

Sure, avocado toast has been the coolest thing ever for the past few years, but there’s no reason why you can’t enjoy avocados in bulkier sandwich form. Toast a baguette, bagel, or a couple of pieces of good sourdough bread. Then spread on some avocado, top it with sliced tomatoes, and some crumbled vegan feta cheese. Close it up and serve it alongside some piping hot tomato soup, and you’ll have a new favorite lunch.

As you can see, these fruits that go with avocado range across the board. Savory and sweet, spicy and crunchy, and everything in between. It’s so much fun to get experimental to see which textures and flavor combinations you like best, so get cooking and enjoy every minute of it.