What are the Sweetest and Juiciest Oranges?

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What are the Sweetest and Juiciest Oranges?

Oranges are a beloved fruit for a reason. Most of us know them as sweet and juicy fruits that are a pleasure to eat and to look at.

In fact, some studies show that orange juice is the most popular juice flavor. However, oranges are more sophisticated than the juice they’re known for.

There are various types of orange, each with its own flavor profile. We’ll be looking at the sweetest and juiciest oranges in this article, so you know which ones to choose if you’re in need of a little pick-me-up.

Quick Answer: What are the Sweetest and Juiciest Oranges?

Oranges in general have a bright and zesty flavor, but there are a few that are especially famous for their sweetness or juiciness.

Valencia oranges are the rulers of juice. They’re used most commonly in the orange juice you see in stores.

Mandarin, navel, and clementine oranges are also quite sweet. Navel and clementine oranges are seedless, as well, which makes them an easy snack.

Orange Types and their Growing Seasons

Valencia, Mandarin, navel, and clementine oranges are just the beginning. There are many other types, and some are combinations of the aforementioned varieties.

On top of variety, though, it’s crucial to know the optimal growing seasons for oranges. Oranges that are in-season will oftentimes taste better.

Valencia oranges, which are used in orange juice, are in season for the majority of the year.

Mandarin oranges are kind of a broader category. Golden Nugget Mandarins, for example, are perfectly sweet and grow for approximately half the year, from March to June.

Then there are Murcott Mandarins. These have a deep flavor, and grow best from January to April.

Clementines thrive for most of the year, much like Valencia oranges. This may be because they’re actually descended from a mix of Mandarin and Valencia varieties.

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How to Tell when an Orange is Ready to Eat

"Your orange will taste much better if you eat it when it’s ripe enough."

Your orange will taste much better if you eat it when it’s ripe enough. There are a few things you can do to ensure that the orange you choose is suitable for eating, whether you’re picking it from a tree or adding it to your cart at a store.

First, consider what season it is. An orange that’s in-season will taste better than one that isn’t.

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Second, if you’re interested in an orange, gently squeeze it. When it’s ripe, it will be firm and smooth with skin that’s free of mold.

Third, take a good look at the orange before eating it or purchasing it. It should have a vivid color indicative of its variety. For instance, blood oranges will have a maroon color with lighter orange patches while Valencia oranges will be a bright yellow-orange.

Wrap Up

There’s nothing quite like a sweet and juicy orange. The right type of orange could be just as good as a dessert, or could help you make a juice that tastes as good as anything you’d get in a store.

If sweet is the name of the game for you, try a Valencia, clementine, navel, or Mandarin orange. You’ll find that any of these oranges are a delightful treat.

Interested in making orange juice of your own? You can read our guide to making orange juice in a blender.

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