6 Fruit Trees that Grow in New York (NY)

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Fruit Trees that Grow in New York

Much of New York state is in hardiness zones 5 and 6, which is ideal for many fruit trees to flourish. Are you interested in learning more about the ones that grow here? Then check out this list of fruit trees that grow in New York (NY).

1. Peaches

peach trees 

Many people think of peaches as being delicate trees, but they can be remarkably resilient. If you’d like to grow a peach tree in NY, make sure you choose a cold-hardy variety.

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2. Plums

Just like peaches, plums can thrive really well in NY. You’ll need to also choose a cold-hardy variety if you want to try growing them, however. As a result, aim for indigenous American plums rather than delicate Italian cultivars.

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3. Apples (and Crabapples)

NYC Crabapple Trees

You can grow apple trees just about anywhere, but many varieties are especially suited to New York’s growing zone. Cortlands, MacIntoshes, and those gloriously sweet Honeycrisps all grow really well in this state. Furthermore, they don’t just survive NY’s cold winters: they burst into flower as soon as spring comes back. Also, crabapples trees are pretty much everywhere.

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4. Pears

pear trees

As a general rule, if apples can grow in a particular environment, pears will flourish there too. This doesn’t apply to all varieties, however. Additionally, Asian pears need warmer climates to thrive than Bartletts or Bosc varieties.

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5. Cherries

cherry trees

Remember that cherry tree that George Washington supposedly chopped down? Well, it might have been a black cherry tree, as they’re prolific throughout the eastern USA. Furthermore, this is one of the most common fruit trees you’ll find in New York.

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6. Tree of 40 Fruits

If you visit Governor’s Island, check out the orchard-in-progress there. Artist Sam Van Aken is a grafting specialist who is growing 40 fruit varieties on a single tree. The ones he’s currently growing are all stone fruits. They’re various types of peaches and plums that can all grow on the same rootstock.

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As you can see, there are several different fruit trees that grow in New York. Of course, you’ll find different varieties in the north than the southermost tip. If you’re interested in growing your own, visit a local orchard or nursery for advice on varieties.

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