12 Fruits that Go Well with Chocolate: Great for Protein Shakes, Fondue, or Cake!

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Fruits that Go Well with Chocolate

Are you a choco-holic? How about a fruit fan? Revel in the best of both words with these 12 fruits that go well with chocolate. Dip them into vegan milk chocolate for fondue, add them into spectacular protein shakes, or make the world’s best cake (or cupcakes). Let’s dive in!

1. Strawberries


This is pretty much the most classic pairing out there. Who hasn’t had a chocolate-dipped strawberry before? You can use either milky or dark chocolate for these fruits, and even drizzle them with white chocolate once dipped. Alternatively, add a handful of fresh or frozen strawberries to your chocolate protein shake for a spectacular afternoon pick-me-up.

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2. Bananas


Okay. Make yourself your favorite banana smoothie bowl. Next, sprinkle on either grated dark chocolate, cacao nibs, or mini chocolate chips—your call. Then, top it with the nuts or seeds of your choice. You can also make rather spectacular banana bread with chocolate chips or swirls in it!

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3. Cherries


If you haven’t had a chocolate cherry protein shake yet, try to remedy this immediately. They basically taste like black forest cherry cake, but in healthy smoothie form. Mix together some chocolate soy or almond milk, your favorite chocolate protein powder, a cup or so of frozen dark cherries, some frozen banana slices, and some cherry or vanilla vegan ice cream. You might want to drink this when you’re alone, just sayin’.

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4. Raspberries


Raspberries go well with either milk or dark chocolate. You can combine these two in cakes or in fondue, or you can make teensy little dessert bites out of them. Arrange raspberries on a baking sheet and freeze for about 20 minutes, just to firm them up a bit. While they’re in there, melt your favorite dark or milk chocolate. Then, take the raspberries out, and spoon some melted chocolate into each of them to make choco-raspberry cups. They’re delicious!

Chocolate and raspberries

5. Kiwis


You can dip fresh, frozen, or dried kiwi slices into any kind of chocolate to good effect. Just remember to dry them out slightly first so the chocolate has a better surface to cling to. Since kiwi falls apart easily, try slicing it into half-inch rounds. Then skewer them like lollipops. This will help to keep them together when you slosh them around in fondue chocolate.

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6. Pineapples


Pineapple chunks don’t just taste great frozen: they’re amazing when you dip them into chocolate. These are ideal for fondue, or just as dipped snacks. Break the pineapple into small segments, trim off the rind, and let the pieces dry for 15-20 min before dipping them. This will allow the chocolate to adhere to their surfaces better.

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7. Tangerines


Use the same drying out trick mentioned above with tangerine segments before dipping them. When they’re fresh out of their skins, they can be quite damp. As a result, when you let them dry out a bit, your chocolate of choice will stick to the segment skins instead of just sliding off.

8. Pears


If you’re a fan of pears, try dipping them into dark chocolate. Since pears tend to be really sweet and kind of mealy, dark chocolate’s crisp bittersweetness will balance them out beautifully. Pear and chocolate tarts and cakes are also amazing, if you feel like trying out new baking recipes.

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9. Pomegranates


Do you love those little chocolate-covered pomegranate bites? Well, it’s easy to make your own, healthier versions at home with a recipe like this one. All you need are some fresh pomegranates (or just the seeds), your favorite chocolate, and some liners for a muffin tin.

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Chocolate and Pomegranate

10. Peaches


Although we’ve focused mostly on dark and milky chocolate types here, remember that you can find decent vegan white chocolate too. If you can score some, try combining peaches with white chocolate. This combo also goes well with nuts, especially toasted hazelnuts and almonds.

11. Mangoes


Mangoes go well with dark, milky, or white chocolate surprisingly well. Although they’re a bit too squidgy to use in fondues, they’re excellent in frozen desserts. For example, try a vegan chocolate pudding with mango coulis, or mango sorbet with dark and white chocolate shavings.

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12. Figs


These taste best with dark chocolate, whether you’re using them fresh or dried.

Remember that vegan milk chocolate is milder and sweeter than dark chocolate. That’s why the latter is generally called “bittersweet”. As a result, it’s a good idea to try out different fruit/chocolate combos to see which flavors you like best. Try to compliment flavors rather than matching them, so combine  sweet fruits like cherries, strawberries, and pears with dark chocolate. In contrast, tart or acidic fruits like pineapple and kiwi are better with milky chocolate instead.

Bon appetit!