8 Fruits that Go Well with Peanut Butter

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Fruits that Go Well with Peanut Butter

Are you a peanut butter fan? If so, chances are you’ve already tried out a bunch of different food combinations for it. Have you discovered that there are some amazing fruits that go well with peanut butter? Read on to check out some fabulous new ways to enjoy your favorite nut spread.

1. Bananas


This is probably the world’s most famous (and well-loved) peanut butter and fruit combination. Try spreading your favorite smooth or crunchy PB on toast. Then slice up bananas, lay them on top of the spread, and sprinkle with cinnamon. Alternatively, just park yourself on the couch with a banana, a jar of PB, and a spoon. Yeah, just like that.

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2. Apples


Apples and PB can be a really create combination. A lot depends on the apple variety you get, and what your preferred taste/texture combinations are. Tart, crisp Granny Smith apples go well with smooth PB, while softer, sweeter types (like Gala) are better with crunchy.

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3. Raisins


Did you grow up eating “ants on a log”? This is the playful name given to celery sticks that have been spread with peanut butter and topped with raisins. Truth be told, raisins pair well with PB in almost every combination.

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4. Dates


These dried fruits are super sweet—almost too sweet to eat alone. This is where peanut butter comes in. The PB counterbalances the dates’ sugary sweetness, creating a perfect balance. Either dip some dates into a jar of PB, or pipe some into the dates’ hollow centers for bite-sized snacks.

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Strawberries and Peanut Butter

5. Strawberries


Slice up some ripe strawberries and use them the same way you use bananas on PB toast. They’re especially good on things like crumpets or English muffins. The berries’ tartness counterbalances the nut spread’s creamy sweetness really beautifully. (And of course, strawberry jam is the absolute best on peanut butter ever.

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6. Grapes


Since we’re on the topic of jam, you know that grape jelly is also ridiculously good with peanut butter. Okay, so try this: make your favorite pancakes or fritters with sliced grapes tucked inside them. Then spread the pancakes with peanut butter. You might want to eat this alone so you don’t frighten your family, just sayin’.

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7. Grilled Pineapple

Grilled Pineapple

Raw pineapple’s acidity can make PB curdle, but grilled pineapple + peanut butter = absolute poetry. Grilling brings out the pineapple’s sweetness, while cutting down on its acid content. Try dipping skewered pineapple chunks into your favorite PB. Alternatively, try some Asian recipes that combine pineapple with a spicy peanut sauce.

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8. Pickles


Okay, yes, this sounds weird, but seriously—just try it. Pickles are made from cucumbers, which are fruits. Furthermore, their salty tartness juxtaposes really well against peanut butter’s creamy sweetness. The next time you’re feeling adventurous (or you’re pregnant), try toast with peanut butter and sliced pickles. You may be pleasantly surprised by the combo.

As you can see, PB works well with several different fruits. You don’t have to be relegated to celery sticks to enjoy this stuff! As an added bonus, most fruits that go well with peanut butter also work with other nut spreads. Try some of these fruits with cashew or almond butter instead, and enjoy!

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