10 Fruits that Go with Acai

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Fruits that Go with Acai

Since acai berries (and the purees from them that you’d buy at the store) aren’t very sweet, it’s important to counterbalance their flavor with sweeter ingredients. Here are some of the best fruits that go with acai: for smoothies, breakfast bowls, desserts, and more.

1. Blueberries

Sweet wild blueberries are the best options to compliment acai, but regular blueberries will work well too. Dark blue and purple berries are packed with the most antioxidants, so combine these beauties for superfood drinks and acai smoothie bowls.

2. Strawberries

Garnish an acai smoothie bowl with fresh strawberries for a glorious breakfast delight. Better still, add some of your favorite granola as another topping for crunch, and some toasted almonds or seeds for protein. 

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3. Raspberries

If you prefer tart flavors, aim for raspberries in your acai recipes. These also have a lot of antioxidants (especially black raspberries), but you might find the combination a bit too acidic. Try this combo in a smoothie with creamy almond or coconut milk to balance the acidity.

4. Bananas

Bananas play the same role that the aforementioned almond or coconut milk: adding complimentary sweet creaminess to a berry puree that tends to be quite tart. For a real delight, make an acai-banana smoothie with vanilla vegan ice cream or yogurt.

Acai Smoothie

5. Oranges

If you prefer fruity smoothies rather than creamy ones, aim for a really sweet orange juice as your base liquid. In fact, if you can get your hands on mandarins or clementines, put them through a juicer and use that magic elixir with your acai puree. The flavors compliment each other perfectly.

6. Mangoes

A ripe, fresh mango is an absolute treasure. Of course, if you can’t find one (or if it’s the dead of winter), then canned mango works just as well. Put mango and acai puree in a blender for a magnificent smoothie base. Then add other fruits and other flavorings to your heart’s content.

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7. Dragon Fruits

Have you seen how cool dragon fruit balls look on smoothie bowls? Not only does their speckled white flesh look incredible against acai’s deep purple hue, the flavors work astonishingly well together. Try drizzling them with some mint simple syrup if you’re feeling adventurous.

8. Kiwis

Remember how acai can be quite tart and acidic? Well, kiwis are also on the acidic side, but they also have a lot more sugar than acai berries do. If you blend them into a smoothie, you’ll get a weird brown sludge… so use kiwi slices as a garnish for acai bowls instead. Alternatively, freeze the kiwi slices and use them to scoop up acai puree as an antioxidant super snack.

Acai Bowls

9. Passion Fruits

Those who love to get creative in the kitchen know that complimentary textures are often the stars of the show. Passionfruit puree is sweet and juicy, while the seeds are crunchy and tart. You can eat all of the above

10. Pineapples

Raw pineapples’ acidity can help to bring out acai’s sweetness. Of course, grilled pineapples go super sweet, and are an even better compliment to these magnificent berries. Use grilled pineapple chunks as a garnish for your next acai smoothie bowl, or add chopped grilled pineapple to a homemade acai sorbet for fun texture contrasts.

Which of these fruits that go with acai have you already tried? Which appeal to you the most? Try mixing and matching different flavors and textures to discover which combos you like best!