What are the Juiciest Tomatoes?

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What are the Juiciest Tomatoes?

Nothing tops a lunch or dinner quite like a tomato. Sliced, diced, or tossed in a sauce, tomatoes are the ultimate garden-to-table food.

Many people feel that, with tomatoes, juicier is better, and we certainly agree. That’s why we’ve found some of the juiciest tomatoes, which we’ll be discussing in this guide.

Trust us when we say the tomatoes we’ve found are all a pleasure to eat. Take a look at what we’ve found.

Quick Answer: What are the Juiciest Tomatoes?

Many of the juiciest tomatoes aren’t the ones you commonly see in the average grocery store. According to the Los Angeles Times, some of the juiciest tomatoes include little-known varieties like Aunt Ruby’s German Green, Black Krim, Solar Flare, and Brandy Sweet Plum tomatoes.

Each of these varieties has a unique and gorgeous look. You’ll be almost afraid to slice into them because of how stunning they are.

Tomato Varieties and Uses

Like with any fruit or vegetable, there are a plethora of tomato types. Each one has uses it would be best for, such as canning or as a standalone snack.

When it comes to juiciness, tomatoes that are big and round, like the Black Krim, are the best picks.

If you’d like tomatoes with enough flavor and juice to snack on alone, Brandywine and Cherry tomatoes are perfect.

Regarding sauces, you’ll want tomatoes with fewer seeds that can be cooked down. Valencia tomatoes are ideal for sauces for these reasons.

Looking to can some tomatoes for future use? Roma tomatoes are lovely for canning. Not only are they more modestly sized, but growing them is simple.

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How to Tell When a Tomato is Ready to Eat

Tomatoes are fragile plants once you pick them or bring them home. They usually need to be eaten quickly because of their short shelf life.

That’s why it’s important to determine if a tomato is ripe before picking or buying it. You can do this easily with nothing more than a quick squeeze.

An unripe tomato will be pretty hard. Ripe tomatoes are still on the firm side, but they’re not rock-hard. There will be a little bit of softness to them when you squeeze them gently.

You’ll usually know right away when a tomato has gone past the point of no return, because they start to grow a light, fuzzy mold on them. If you’re still not sure, the squeeze test will confirm it for you when you discover they’re mushy.

Wrap Up

A juicy tomato rounds off a huge range of meals nicely. We recommend trying any of the tomatoes we mentioned in this post if you’re looking for one that’s exceedingly juicy.

And if you’re not sure what to do with a juicy tomato, feel free to give this vegan pasta recipe a try. It’s the perfect place for your juicy tomatoes to shine!

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