Canned Fruit List: 18 Fruits That Are Canned

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Fruits That Are Canned

If you’re a fruit fan, you’re probably delighted at the height of summer when tons of fresh fruit is available. Fortunately, fruits that are canned are ideal for enjoying summer’s bounty even in the dead of winter. Check out our canned fruit list to find out which of your favorites can be found on supermarket shelves, and where to find some more exotic flavors too!

1. Peaches

Sweet summer peaches are some of the most amazing fruits you can find canned. They’re even better if you can make them yourself, but the standard versions in light syrup are quite spectacular. Try them in creamy oatmeal, in smoothies, or on top of coconut ice cream.

2. Pears

Now, pears can get a bit mealy when they’re canned, but that’s okay. They’re still sweet and juicy, and maintain their amazing flavor. Use them in crumbles and pies, so you can enjoy all their flavor without having to peel and chop them yourself.

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3. Pineapples

Where would tropical smoothies and pina coladas be without canned pineapple chunks? Mix these with coconut milk, banana, and mango juice for a smoothie that can beat any winter blues. And toss some rum in there too, if so inclined.

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4. Cherries

You can get both regular sweet cherries and maraschinos in cans just about anywhere. Use the sweet cherries in pies, galettes, and other pastries, and the maraschinos in drinks and as garnishes.

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5. Blueberries

These aren’t as common as other fruits that are canned, and usually come in pie filling form. It’s a great way of preserving blueberries for wintertime, as they only last about three months when frozen.

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Canned Mango

6. Mango Slices

Are you looking for fruits that maintain their structural integrity when canned? Because mangoes don’t. Not by a long shot. These babies get really squidgy when canned, but that’s okay! Use them in smoothies, desserts, ice cream, or just slurped right out of the container.

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7. Mandarin Oranges

If you’ve never eaten canned mandarin oranges, do so immediately. Dip them in chocolate and freeze them, or add them to spinach salads with dried cranberries and toasted almonds. Oh, and try them in a crunchy ramen noodle salad!

8. Prunes

Did you know that prunes could be canned? If you didn’t, ask your grandparents if they have a can at the back of the cupboard for you to try if you’re feeling adventurous.

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9. Pumpkin

While you’re not about to find pumpkin slices in a can any time soon, you will be able to find canned pumpkin puree or pie filling. Just don’t get them mixed up. You need to sweeten the former significantly for baked goods, and the latter is way too sweet for pumpkin soup.

10. Tomatoes

Remember that little talk we had about how tomatoes are fruits? Well, as the cornerstone of Italian cooking, you can bet that you’ll find canned tomatoes in just about every form imaginable. Whole, diced, pureed, seasoned… you name it.

Canned Tomatoes

11. Grapefruits

Grapefruit comes in canned form too! It seems like most of them are canned in sugary syrup, however, so that may cut down on their usual bitterness.

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12. Cranberries

These normally come in sauce or jelly form, perfect for slathering on your Thanksgiving Tofurkey or nut roast. The sugar used to preserve them counteracts their natural sour flavor, making the sauce pleasantly tart instead of painful to eat.

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13. Olives

Remember how olives are also fruits? They are, and you can get a number of different varieties in canned form. Black Spanish olives in particular are fabulous, and are as great for snacking as they are on pizzas.

14. Ackee Fruits

These are only legal in the US if they’re canned. Ackee fruits are toxic if they’re not completely ripe, so look for canned versions in Jamaican and other Caribbean food stores.

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15. Lychees

The great thing about canned lychees is that their texture really doesn’t change much from their fresh state. They stay fleshy and juicy, but also maintain that bit of crunch we love so much. These are usually canned in sugar syrup, but you can get low-sugar options as well. If you have trouble finding them at your local grocery store, try your local Chinatown or Little India instead.

Canned Jackfruit

16. Jackfruit

Unlike most of the other canned fruits here, jackfruit isn’t generally preserved in sugar. Jackfruit preserved in water makes a spectacular vegan substitute for pulled pork, especially in sandwiches. Sautee it with your favorite BBQ sauce, pull it apart with a pair of forks, and cram it into buns for a spectacular sandwich experience. Bonus points if you pair it with coleslaw.

17. Mangosteens

If you’re a fan of Asian fruits, head over to your local Chinese or Vietnamese grocery store. In addition to the lychees in syrup, you’ll also find mangosteens, and several other gems that may not be available at your supermarket.

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18. Mixed Fruit Cocktail

Last, but certainly not least, is the ubiquitous mixed fruit cocktail. Depending on what variety you get, you may have a mixture of peaches, pears, and cherries in here, or maybe there’s some pineapple and oranges tossed in as well. Either way, where would your great aunt’s ambrosia salad be without this stuff? That’s right, nowhere.

Remember that these are just some of these most popular canned fruits available. You’ll undoubtedly find others that aren’t on this list, especially if you visit food shops from around the world. Get creative, have fun, and enjoy them!