12 Fruits That Taste Better Frozen

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Fruits that taste better frozen

Believe it or not, there are fruits that taste better frozen than they do fresh. Sure, fruits are generally sweet, delicious indulgences, but many of them are beyond exceptional after being exposed to the cold. Read on to discover 12 fruits that are better frozen, along with some fun ideas about how to enjoy them.

1. Bananas

Fresh bananas have a weird mealy texture to them, but these are the absolute kings among frozen fruits. Basically, the freezing process changes their consistency from “meh” to “uh, this is just like ice cream”. Adding them to smoothies creates a thick, creamy, milkshake-like texture that’s absolutely phenomenal. Just remember to remove the peels before you freeze them, otherwise they’re pretty much impossible to take off.

Here’s a tip: slice fresh bananas and lay them on a baking sheet covered with waxed paper. Freeze for 24 hours, then transfer the frozen slices into freezer-safe containers. Then just grab a handful whenever you’re making smoothies or other purees. Alternatively, shove some popsicle sticks into bananas before you freeze them, then dip them into chocolate sauce.

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2. Peaches

Make sure to vacuum the carpet well before tasting frozen peaches, because you’ll likely end up on the floor, rolling around like a happy puppy. These fruits get sweeter when you freeze them, and take on a really interesting texture too. It’s a bit chewy, but in that good way. You don’t need to peel peaches before freezing them because their skins are so thin, but you should slice them first. Then toss them with lemon juice, freeze on the baking sheet, and store for up to six months.

3. Mangos

Now, mangos are delicious, but frozen mangos are absolutely exquisite. Much like bananas, they need to be peeled and sliced before freezing or they’re freaking nightmares. They don’t harden up once frozen, but instead taste like gorgeous wedges of sorbet. As you can imagine, pureeing the  slices = instant mango ice “cream”. Try adding a splash of coconut or almond milk if you try this to make the texture a bit smoother.

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4. Kiwis

You may not have thought of kiwis as fruits that freeze well, but try them out. They develop an amazing grainy texture, and just like pineapples, their acidity softens and sweetens in the cold. Peel them first, of course, then slice about half an inch thick into circles or semi circles, and freeze on those waxed paper trays so they don’t stick.
If you’re feeling frolicsome, shove some lollipop sticks into circular slices before freezing.

5. Blueberries

Your favorite cereal toppers and smoothie ingredients just got a whole lot more interesting. These berries don’t just get sweeter when they freeze: their flavor intensifies too! Those tiny wild blueberries in particular are spectacular frozen, so stock up and freeze them whenever you can.

While you’re at it, try making no-bake frozen blueberry cheesecake bites from vegan cashew “cheese” topped with frozen blueberry puree. Absolute heaven.

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Frozen grapes

6. Grapes

Have you ever eaten frozen grapes before? If you haven’t, go get some and freeze them now. Right now. Seriously, we’ll wait.
They also get way sweeter after the freezing process, and take on a really cool texture—kind of like biting into a freezie. Whether you prefer green, red, or black grapes, you’ll be blown away by how amazing these taste when they’re cold.

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7. Huckleberries

These all-American blueberry cousins have a deeper, muskier flavor than regular blueberries when fresh, and are even tastier when frozen. Like most of the other fruits on here, their acidity breaks down in the freezer and transforms into pure, sugary sweetness. In fact, unless you have a really sweet tooth, you might find them a little too sugary in this state.

Like the other fruits on here, freeze on baking sheets until solidified before transferring into another container, or they’ll moosh together into a solid frozen chunk.

8. Raspberries

Have you tried frozen raspberries before? They’re a bit different from the rest of the offerings on here because they’re drupes, rather than whole fruits. As a result, their individual globes fall apart really quickly as soon as they start to thaw. There’s an easy solution to this, of course: either cram them into your mouth as quickly as you can while they’re still frozen, or blend them into smoothies immediately.

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9. Cantaloupe

Okay, so most people will never even consider freezing cantaloupe, but you really need to try it for yourself to understand how gorgeous it is in this state. It firms up a bit but stays juicy, and gets even sweeter in the freezer. It also has one of the longest shelf lives of any frozen fruit: up to one year! Peel and slice into wedges, then freeze for at least 24 hours. These make excellent sorbets and smoothies, but are also delicious frozen dessert pops just as they are.

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10. Strawberries

Once frozen, strawberries are better blended with other fruits or in drinks than they are on their own. They can take on a mushy texture when you freeze them, but their flavor sweetens and intensifies. This makes them perfect for frozen strawberry margaritas, sorbets, smoothies, etc.

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Frozen Strawberries

11. Pineapples

You’ve probably noticed that pineapples are quite acidic when they’re fresh, and can even numb out the inside of your mouth if you eat too much of it. When you freeze them, the cold breaks down those acids, as well as the pineapple’s fibers themselves. As a result, they’re both sweeter and softer when you eat them frozen.

Just peel a fresh pineapple, separate the individual sections, and freeze them on a tray the same way you do with the banana slices. Then snack on them as is, or blend them into the ultimate frozen pina colada with some coconut milk and rum.

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12. Clementine Oranges

Do you ever get a box of clementine oranges around Christmas Time? If so, you probably race to get through all of them before they go bad. Well, guess what? These fruits taste so good frozen that you don’t have to go into orange overload every day. Just peel them, separate the sections, and freeze them. Then toss them into freezer bags and nom on them whenever the urge strikes. When frozen, they go crispy on the outside, but stay juicy and slurpy on the inside.

If any of these have piqued your curiosity, try experimenting with them. Spear a bunch of them onto skewers and freeze them for summery fruit kebabs. Or get fancy by dipping some of them into chocolate—especially the bananas, clementines, kiwis, pineapple wedges, and strawberries.

Transform frozen grapes or mangos into sorbets, blend the bananas and peaches into the best smoothie bowl you’ll ever spoon into your face, and wrap a slice of frozen cantaloupe in a paper towel for your teething kid to hold and gnaw on. The sky really is the limit in terms all the ways you can use these, so have fun!

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