List of 9 Fruits That Grow on Vines

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Fruits That Grow on Vines

Fruits that grow on vines are often just as tasty as they are easy to grow. Hopefully this list of fruits that grow on vines can help you find some new varieties to try out. Whether you’re growing them or just eating them, there are some real treasures here!

1. Grapes

All grapes grow on vines, and are some of the easiest fruit plants to grow. You can find a cultivar to suit whatever your growing zone is. Then, you can eat them fresh, freeze them, juice them, or even brew them into wine.

2. Passion Fruits

These luscious beauties develop on Passiflora incarnata vines. Their alien-looking purple-white flowers develop into bright green fruits. Eventually, they mature into purple-brown, seed-filled pockets of lusciousness. Make sure to harvest some leaves while the fruits are developing. You can brew these into tea to alleviate insomnia and anxiety.

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3. Kiwis

Our fuzzy little kiwi friends do indeed grow on vines. These include both the full-sized varieties, and mini kiwis. You can even grow them indoors if your house gets a lot of light!

4. Strawberries

Strawberry vines are small and are known as “runners”. Although these fruits can grow from seeds, they grow more easily from vine cuttings. After you’ve collected your fill of berries, harvest the leaves too! Then dry them and mix them with a bit of lemon balm for a refreshing iced tea.

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5. Dragonfruit

If you’re a dragon fruit fan, this vine fruit is a must-have for your culinary creations. They’re difficult to grow, however, and need very warm, sunny conditions. Do you live in a tropical locale? Then definitely try growing some yourself!

6. Melons

All members of the melon family grow on vines. This includes watermelons, cantaloupes, honeydews, and bitter melon. In fact, no matter where you go in the world, if there’s a melon, it grew on a vine.

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Yellow Watermelon

7. Cucumbers

Since cucumbers are members of the Cucurbitaceae family (like melons!), they also grow on vines. Small varieties like gherkins and picklers don’t need much support. If you grow larger varieties, however, make sure to grow them on a sturdy trellis.

8. Squashes and Pumpkins

Yes, these are also members of the melon family. These include soft-skinned squashes like zucchinis and pattypans, and hard-skinned ones like butternut or kabocha.

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9. Tomatoes

Remember that tomatoes are fruits, rather than vegetables! These are fruits that grow on vines, and can be either determinate or indeterminate. This means that they can either all ripen at one specific time, or throughout the season.