What Does Avocado Toast Taste Like?

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What Does Avocado Toast Taste Like

Avocado toast was a food trend that recently took the culinary world by storm. It’s the “fancy” way to enjoy your morning slice of toast: slathered with an appealing bright green spread of avocado.

But is it actually that good? We’ll take a bite out of the question by examining what avocado toast tastes like here in this quick guide. In addition, we’ll look at some common questions others have about this trendy breakfast staple.

What Does Avocado Toast Taste Like?

Unfortunately, you might find avocado toast kind of disappointing if you took plain avocado and spread it across your bread. You’ll get an appealing combination of textures with the crunchiness of the toast and the smooth creaminess of the avocado, but the overall flavor can best be described as bland.

There will be some nuttier notes from your bread, depending on what kind you use. However, the avocado itself doesn’t have much to add in terms of flavor aside from some very subtle sweet, earthy hints. That’s because avocado by itself is quite mild-tasting.

Some people don’t like bold flavors first thing in the morning, though, due to a small appetite. In that case, plain avocado toast could be great for you.

If you want a bolder experience with your avocado toast, we’d recommend adding some spices to your avocado to give it some extra oomph. We’ve got a list of spices that go with avocado for you to try.

Is Avocado Toast Actually Good?

Avocado toast is best when you combine it with some flavor-enhancing spices. In terms of flavor, it can get surprisingly good, but you’re probably wondering about its nutritional value.

While it will largely depend on the type of bread you use, avocado toast can be a fairly healthy snack. You’re getting healthy fats from the avocado and a serving of carbs for a little energy boost from the bread.

Like with all other foods, though, it’s best in moderation. Try to use up to one half of the avocado at the most per serving. (Although we can’t blame you if you decide to use more!)

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Is Avocado Toast Good for Weight Loss?

As far as toast toppings go, avocado is a great replacement for high-calorie toppings. Of course, it all depends on your portion sizes.

Some specialists recommend only eating around one-third of an avocado for your toast if your goal is losing weight. Eating too much avocado at once, like with other foods, will simply lead to weight gain.

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Why is Avocado Toast Bad?

Whenever a new food becomes trendy, you’ll hear some people saying it’s bad for you. These same criticisms have naturally been lobbied against avocado toast. So the question is, is avocado really bad for you, and if so, why?

Nutritionally, avocados aren’t bad for you in moderation, as we discussed earlier. Some people criticize avocado toast, though, because avocados are typically expensive and growing them is a strain on the environment. (They do need up to 72 gallons of water to be grown!)

In other words, while avocados and therefore avocado toast aren’t necessarily bad for you individually, they can be bad for your wallet and exploitative of the environment. If you’re searching for ways to be eco- and budget-friendly, you may want to reduce your avocado consumption.

Wrap Up

The popularity of avocado toast isn’t wholly unfounded. Avocados are undeniably delicious, but their flavor is a bit on the mild side. This is exactly why we recommend sprinkling some spices or adding slices of fresh tomato to the top of your avocado spread if you’re making some toast.

Beyond taste and nutrition, there are other factors to consider. Avocados are traditionally expensive, and it’s no secret that they take a disproportionate amount of water to cultivate. As with all things in life, there’s a good and bad side to avocado toast, so it may be better as a snack rather than as something you eat regularly.