What Does Kiwi Taste Like?

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In this article, we’re discussing kiwis—what they taste like, what their texture is, how to pick out good ones at the grocery store and more.

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Here we go!

What Does Kiwi Taste Like? 

Kiwis are sweet, refreshing fruits with a nice tartness that complements their sweetness. The riper the fruit is, the sweeter and less tart it tends to be.

The taste of kiwi fruit can be compared to pineapple for its bright, acidic quality and tropical kick. There’s also something somewhat banana-y about kiwis that’s hard to put your finger on. It’s perhaps more in the aftertaste than directly on the tongue. There’s nothing like a kiwi!

Kiwi Texture

The brown skin of the kiwi is covered in fine, dry, fuzzy hairs. In contrast, the inner green and white fruit is juicy, soft and succulent. 

The little black seeds inside the kiwi flesh are soft and gelatinous, so no need to scoop them out. In fact, you might not even really notice them as you eat your kiwi.

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What Does Kiwi Skin Taste Like? 

Did you know you can eat the skin of the kiwi? Kiwi is well-known as a rich source of vitamin C, but you can significantly increase the vitamin and fiber value if you eat the skin as well as the inner part.

The kiwi skin is similar to the flesh, just much milder and mostly tart. If the fuzziness bothers you, you can take a toothbrush and gently rub the skin with it to get the excess hairs off.

How Can You Tell if Kiwi is Bad? 

While ripe kiwi looks smooth on the outside, bad kiwi, or kiwi that’s been left out in the sun a little too long, looks a bit shriveled. 

Besides giving a kiwi an ocular pat down, you can figure out if it’s fresh by touch and smell. Is it squishy rather than a little firm? Is it giving off a strange, less-than-sweet smell? If so, then it’s probably not good anymore.

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Will Kiwi Ripen After Being Cut? 

Sadly, if you open up a kiwi before it’s ready, it won’t continue to ripen the same way as if it were left whole. More than likely, it will go bad a lot faster.

Kiwi may not ripen in a natural way once it’s been cut open, but it will likely soften up. Sometimes, however, kiwis rot after being cut before they can really enter a soft, edible stage. It’s a bit of a toss-up. Keep it in the refrigerator to prolong its shelf life if you do into cut an underripe kiwi.

What to Make with Kiwi

A gorgeous kiwi fruit can add zest to your fruit salad or breakfast smoothie. If you’re looking for some other ways to enjoy kiwi, check out the videos below.

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Here’s a fabulous kiwi and grapefruit refresher. Try it on a hot day—it’s a thirst quencher for sure. You’ll need some nice, ripe kiwis and grapefruits, sparkling water, sugar, ice and mint leaves. And some shades because it’s so cool.

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Here, we’re learning how easy raw vegan fruit tarts are to make. The ingredients are super simple: rolled oats, dates, cacao powder, chia seeds, banana, vanilla extract and nondairy milk. Easy, healthy and delectable.

Wrap Up

Kiwis are bright, cheery little fruits that taste perhaps most similar to pineapple, a little tart and pleasantly sweet. If you like sweeter kiwis, let them ripen to a soft (but not wrinkled) stage. If a kiwi has gone a little too soft for your liking, don’t waste it! Add it to smoothies, dehydrate it like apple rings or make a vegan fruit tart. Your taste buds will thank you.

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