20 Fruits that Start with G

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20 Fruits that Start with G

Are you trying to find a list of fruits that start with G? Fortunately, your search is over because we’ve got a list right here for you.

1. Gac Fruit

Gac Fruit

Gac melons grow throughout southeast Asian countries and some parts of northern Australia. On the outside, they look almost like spiny oranges when they’re ripe. When they’re unripe, they’re a bright green color.

In Vietnam, people serve the fruit in a traditional dish at weddings.

2. Galia Melon

Galia Melon

Galia melons look a lot like cantaloupe, with one difference being that their inner flesh is light green in hue. You can tell when it’s ready to eat by checking its skin – it will turn a golden yellow color once it’s ripe.

3. Genip


Genip is a kind of tree that grows in Central and South America. The green fruits it grows can be eaten and are quite juicy.

4. Goji Berry

Goji Berry

If you’ve never seen one before and you want to picture a goji berry, imagine a fruit that’s small, elongated, and red – kind of like a small roma tomato. They come from some Asian countries, which is why they appear in Chinese, Korean, Japanese, and Vietnamese medicine.

Nowadays, you’ll find goji berries in many health food stores due to their health benefits.

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5. Gold Nugget Mango

Golden Delicious Apple

Despite its name, you won’t find gold nugget mangoes in a mine anytime soon! Rather, gold nugget mangoes are grown occasionally in Florida. They are not available on a commercial scale at this point in time.

6. Golden Delicious Apple

Golden Delicious Apple

If you live in the United States, you’ve probably seen a Golden Delicious Apple before, because they’re one of the most popular apples in the US. These apples have a yellow skin, which is how they got their name.

They taste sweet. Because they’re vulnerable to bruises, though, they need to be stored very carefully.

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7. Gooseberry


There are numerous types of gooseberries, so the word “gooseberry” is a wide term to use. In general, this word refers to berries that come from the Ribes genus. They’re typically edible.

8. Granadilla


Many people mistake granadilla for passion fruit, but the two are not the same. Granadilla produces a large greenish fruit that works well in juices.

9. Granny Smith Apple

Granny Smith Apple

If you were to ask people to name as many apple types as they could, we’d bet Granny Smith would be high up on their list. These bright green apples are renowned for their crispy flesh that provides a juicy bite.

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10. Grape


Grapes could be one of the most diverse fruits in the world when it comes to their uses. You’ll find them in wine, jam, jelly, juice, and as dried snacks in the form of raisins.

Like with many other fruits, “grape” is a broader term for a whole collection of cultivars. There are tons of grape types out there.

11. Grapefruit


Even though it has the word “grape” in its name, grapefruit isn’t a grape – it’s a kind of citrus, just like oranges. It has an orange skin on the outside and generally a pink flesh on the inside. The color of the flesh can vary based on the specific type of grapefruit.

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12. Grapple


Grapples aren’t a scientific or even common name for a fruit. In fact, the word is actually a registered brand name applied to an apple that’s been soaked in grape flavoring to give it the taste of a grape.

13. Greengage


The word “greengage” refers to various types of plums. Specifically, they are types of European plums, and are thus often grown in European countries.

14. Ground Plum

Ground Plum


Ground plums actually come from the legume family of plants. Their flavor is comparable to a sweet pea’s. You need to eat them before their seeds become ripe, because that that point, they are too hard to eat.

15. Groundcherry


Groundcherries come from the same family as tomatoes and eggplants. Only certain types are suitable for human consumption, and those types are sometimes compared to the taste of strawberries.

16. Grumichama


Grumichama, also called the Brazilian cherry, comes from Brazil. Their colors range anywhere from purple to black, and their flavor is often compared to that of a plum.

17. Guanabana


Looking for guanabana fruit? A more common name for it is soursop, and you’ll find it in tropical parts of the western hemisphere.

Its overall shape is slightly pear-like, and the flavor is acidic and juicy. You can use the pulp in smoothies and juice.

18. Guarana


If you need a caffeinated boost, look no further than the guarana fruit. Its seeds have about twice as much caffeine as coffee seeds, which is why it is increasingly being used in energy drinks.

19. Guava


Guava is native to Central America, but these days, India produces the greatest amount of guava fruit. They have a lemony smell, but can taste either sweet or sour depending on the type.

20. Guavaberry


Don’t let the name confuse you here – the guavaberry bears no relation to the aforementioned guava. This Caribbean fruit is sometimes used to make rum and jam.