What Do Blueberries Taste Like?

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In this article, we’re going to cover everything you need to know about how blueberries taste along with a few facts about them that you’re going to want to know…

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Let’s get going…

What Do Blueberries Taste Like?

Fresh blueberries are delightful and have a slightly sweet taste that is mixed with a little bit of acid from the berry. Some berries are tarter than others, while sweeter blueberries do exist.

When you bite down on a blueberry, you will enjoy a burst of juice in your mouth as the berry pops, and this juice is generally very sweet, although it can be tart. Unripe berries will be tart and can even border on sour.

The taste of a blueberry is hard for some people to describe, but can often be said to be sweeter than grapes, but similar to both red and green grapes. It is the sweetness of red grapes combined with the tart flavor of green that makes blueberries so delicious and addictive.

Alternatively, blueberries can also be stored for later consumption. Here’s our 4-step guide to freezing blueberries.

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Are Bigger Blueberries Sweeter?

There are some types of blueberries that produce very large berries that are known for being incredibly sweet. If you want to have the biggest and sweetest blueberries that you can, then you will want to invest in some of these blueberry bushes.

Otherwise, to ensure that you get the sweetest berries from your bush, wait until they are perfectly ripe. Many people don’t realize that blueberries can stay on the bush for up to a week and a half after ripening without rotting.

The size, as well as how sweet the berries are, will increase rapidly towards the end of the berries ripening. This means that you may have some larger berries that are riper and more sweet.

Of course, if you pick large berries that aren’t completely ripe yet, then you will likely deal with sour fruit.

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Are Blueberries Supposed to Be Sweet?

While there are some cultivars of blueberries that are sweeter than others and some that are tarter, as a general rule, blueberries should be a bit more sweet than they are tart. There are a few reasons why your blueberries may not be as sweet as you are used to, including:

  • A tart cultivar
  • Over production
  • Unripe berries
  • Not enough sun
  • Too much rain

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Do Blueberries Sweeten After Picking?

Unfortunately, once you pick a blueberry, it will not get any sweeter. This is frustrating, especially since blueberries tend to ripen at different times and it is easy to accidentally pick both ripe and unripe berries from the same bush.

You can cause unripe berries to ripen and soften faster by placing them in a paper bag with an avocado or a banana, but this will not cause the berries to sweeten. This does help them soften, but you will still have tart berries to eat.

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Wrap up

Blueberries are incredibly delicious and can be used as a snack or in many different meals and baked goods. To make sure that you have fresh and sweet berries you need to try a few from your bush and wait patiently if they aren’t ripe yet. Remember, you can ripen them after picking, but once they are picked, they won’t get any sweeter.

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