Where to Find Roasted Red Peppers in the Grocery Store (Check These Aisles…)

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Where to Find Roasted Red Peppers in the Grocery Store

We’ll also tell you which stores carry them…

Start by checking the condiment aisle.Most grocery stores keep roasted red peppers near things like pickles, capers and artichoke hearts.

Next, look in the aisles canned vegetables and pasta sauces are in.Check the top shelves, especially around pesto and specialty ingredients.

Sometimes you’ll find roasted red peppers in the deli area.Not all grocery stores place them here, but many do.

Can’t seem to find roasted red peppers anywhere?We’ve listed several stores below that carry them…

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What Stores Sell Roasted Red Peppers?

  • Amazon– Amazon hasroasted red peppersfrom a wide variety of vendors.This is an easy solution if you’re not sure you can get them locally.
  • Walmart -.Look for roasted red peppers fromRoland,Mezzettaand other brands by the canned goods.For any particular product or brand, check the store locator on Walmart’s website.
  • Whole Foods – Whole Foods carries 365 brand roasted red peppers as well as other brands in the condiment and canned vegetable aisles.
  • Your Local Health Food Store– If you stop at a health food store, try the condiment aisle.
  • Target – Target has roasted red peppers in the canned food aisle.
  • Safeway – At Safeway you’ll find Signature Kitchens, Mt.Olive, Cento and other brands with the pickled goods.
  • Trader Joe’s – You should see store brand roasted peppers at Trader Joe’s.
  • Kroger – Kroger stocks roasted peppers in the condiment and canned vegetable aisles.
  • Publix – Check the aisles with pickled products and canned vegetables at Publix.
  • Ethnic Markets– You might find roasted red peppers in Mediterranean and Middle Eastern markets.

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Creamy pasta sauces, pizza sauces and vegan pesto are phenomenal with roasted red peppers.Since they’re nice and soft, you can blend them easily into smooth sauces, or dice them up for a chunkier texture. You can also add tofu and white beans to the base to add some protein and make it more creamy. For a more flavor-dense tofu, consider pressing it before incorporating the tofu to the sauce.  If you’re looking for the best tofu presstake a look at our reviews.

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Make Roasted Red Pepper Hummus

This might be one of the most beloved hummus flavors of all time.And it definitely deserves a place among the best kinds of hummus.That fire-roasted flavor is hard to beat.

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