Best Planters for Cucumbers – Our 6 Favorite Cucumber Planters

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Best Planters for Cucumbers

Are you trying to find planters that will allow you to grow your own delicious and crisp cucumbers?

Look no further – we’ve researched for you. In this guide, we’ll show you the results of our research: six of the best planters for cucumbers.

Let’s jump right in.

Don’t have time to read? Here’s a quick summary of the products we recommend.

Product Name Grade
Hydrofarm Tomato Trellis Garden on Wheels A
Keter Easy Grow Raised Garden Bed A+
Elevated Cedar Planter Box and Space-Maker Trellis A+
CedarCraft Self-Watering Elevated Spruce Planter A+

Best Planters for Cucumbers

Hydrofarm Tomato Trellis Garden on Wheels

Hydrofarm GCTR 10 Gal Tomato Garden Planting Grow System with 4 Foot Trellis Wheels for Indoor/Outdoor Climbing Vines & Flowers Tree Tower, Green

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We know – this planter says “tomato” in the name, but we still think the Hydrofarm Tomato Trellis Garden on Wheels would work wonderfully for cucumbers. Why?

Like tomatoes, cucumbers grow vines. These vines vary in size depending on the type of cucumber, but they still need some support.

With just a look, you can see this planter offers that support. Your cucumber vines would have a built-in trellis to climb up and lean on.

If the trellis looks intimidating, don’t worry. It’s not a hassle to assemble – you don’t even need tools to do it.


  • It has a built-in support system.
  • The support system is expandable, as you can add more risers at a later date.
  • No tools are necessary to assemble it.
  • There’s a port built into the side that you can water your plants through.
  • The wheels on the bottom make it easy to transport.


  • Some customers reported problems putting together the trellis.
  • A few people stated that the trellis was not as stable as they would have liked.

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Keter Easy Grow Raised Garden Bed

Keter Easy 31.7 Gallon Raised Garden Bed with Self Watering Planter Box and Drainage Plug-Perfect for Growing Fresh Vegetables, Flowers and Herbs, Graphite

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Are you planning on growing a lot of cucumbers or other veggies aside from cucumbers? The Keter Easy Grow Raised Garden Bed will provide you with some gardening space.

Aside from that, the legs raising the planter box are a blessing. You won’t have to stoop on the floor or ground to care for your cucumbers.

And another nifty thing about this Keter planter is its self-watering system. It has a reservoir on the bottom that will hold water to supply to your cucumbers automatically, and it comes with a water gauge.

You’ll find this water level indicator at the top of the planter. With easy-to-understand red or green colors, it will tell you if you need to add water or put too much in.

What happens if you put too much in? Not to worry – you can open the drain on the side to let a little bit out.


  • Two colors.
  • Self-watering reservoir.
  • It has a water level indicator.
  • They raised the platform, so you don’t have to bend over.
  • Large capacity.
  • Manual draining, so it won’t drain freely all over the ground or floor itself.


  • It requires some assembly.
  • It does not include a support system for vines.

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Elevated Cedar Planter Box and Space-Maker Trellis

Elevated Cedar Planter Box and Space-Maker Pivoting Trellis Set, 2 x 4

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If you’re worried that a trellis could take up too much room, take a look at the Elevated Cedar Planter Box and Space-Maker Pivoting Trellis.

During the off months or whenever you need to make room, the trellis can be moved to stand straight up or lean slightly back. The added advantage to this is that it provides excellent support for our plants.

As for the planter itself, it has a huge capacity. Able to hold around 165 quarts of soil, your cucumbers will have more than enough room in which to grow.

You could easily even grow multiple plants in this planter.


  • Large capacity
  • A trellis pivots for increased support
  • It is made from beautiful cedarwood


  • You need to assemble it.

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CedarCraft Self-Watering Elevated Spruce Planter

CedarCraft Self-Watering Elevated Spruce Planter (21” x 47” x 32" H) Greenhouse Cover

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If you live in an area or home where animals could get at your garden, you’ll appreciate CedarCraft’s self-watering elevated spruce planter.

Along with the planter, you’ll get a greenhouse cover. In addition to helping foster the ideal growing conditions, the cover functions as a sort of shield for your plants, protecting them from harm.

It’s also capable of watering by itself. It has an integrated water reservoir that can hold up to six gallons, preventing you from having to spend time frequently watering.

An added bonus: the spruce used to build the planter is from a sustainable source.


  • Created from stunning and sustainable Canadian spruce
  • Includes a greenhouse cover
  • Raised level prevents you from kneeling or hunching to reach your plants.
  • Self-watering.


  • Assembly is necessary.

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Lesia Self-Watering Polyresin Planter box with Trellis

In case you want the utility of a support system without sacrificing beauty, there’s the Lesia Self-Watering Polyresin Planter Box. It also has a trellis.

The difference here is that it looks quite a bit more graceful. The lattice rising from it with the oval at the top conveys elegance.

Another benefit to it is the self-watering mechanism. Cucumbers like their water, and this mechanism will help guarantee they have as much as they need without you having to water them constantly.


  • Self-watering.
  • Includes a trellis
  • Available in three colors.
  • Extra-large capacity.
  • Durable.
  • Resistant to weather and UV rays.


  • Requires a bit of assembly, although customers reported it was pretty easy to do.

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Cordeiro Self-Watering Plastic Pot Planter

Want a planter that doesn’t take up so much space? The Cordeiro Self-Watering Plastic Pot Planter could be precisely the one for you.

Unlike the other options on this list, it doesn’t have a trellis or legs. At a glance, it’s just your traditional planter pot, easy to squeeze in virtually anywhere.

But it’s anything but basic. It has a self-watering reservoir built into the bottom, optimal for thirsty cucumber plants.

Plus, it’s incredibly long-lasting. The plastic is made to resist rusting, staining, and fading, even when you put it outdoors.


  • They’re offered in a huge plethora of colors and sizes
  • Self-watering.
  • Long-lasting.
  • Lightweight and easy to lift.


  • It would help if you punched in the drainage holes yourself.
  • It does not come with a support system for vines

What to Consider When Buying a Planter for Cucumbers


When growing veggies or plants that bear fruit, larger planters are usually the best options. This is because planters with a greater capacity can hold more soil, which in turn holds more water.

(Keep in mind, though, that there’s still a limit to how much water your plants should have access to. To prevent root rot, also look into whether a planter you’re interested in has drainage holes.)

For cucumber plants, a good capacity is around five gallons. This will give your cucumber plants plenty of space for growth and soil.

It’s also worth noting that some cucumber types need additional plants for pollination, which a large planter can accommodate. Some varieties, however, do not require pollination to produce the vegetable we all know and love.

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Cucumber plants grow vines, although the exact size of these will vary depending on the type you choose.

You’ll need to consider what kind of support system you’ll have for these vines. To check all your boxes at once, you can choose to get a planter that comes with a trellis built into it.

You don’t absolutely need to do so, however. If your planter doesn’t have one, you can always buy the supports separately.

Self-Watering Features

Cucumbers like a decent amount of water, so they’re great candidates for using convenient self-watering planters.

With a self-watering planter, your cucumber will be kept from getting too dry. Their soil will be able to absorb as much water as they need.

This doesn’t mean you absolutely have to get a self-watering one. But if you don’t, make sure to check on your plants to ensure they’re not thirsty.

Wrap Up

With a good planter, you’ll be well on your way to enjoying the fresh and crisp cucumbers that you grew yourself. And if you’re worried that it will be high maintenance, consider the fact that there are many planters with bonus features like self-watering or a raised platform.

We believe all the planters on this list would make it possible for you to grow delicious cucumbers, but we’d pick the Keter Easy Grow Raised Garden Bed for ourselves. Combining self-watering and raising up so we don’t have to kneel is a huge bonus.

Its water level gauge is unique, too. We like that we wouldn’t have to guess when our planter needed more water.

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